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Leaving a Tip

The History Of Tipping [Infographic]

In the United States and probably most other places in the world, it became acceptable for nearly all businesses in the food industry, specifically restaurants to forego paying a livable salary and letting their employees survive solely on tips. Providing….

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Restaurant Server Tip

How To Treat Your Server

Treat Your Server How You Would Treat Yourself

We often take going out for granted, when a century ago, people hardly went out because they could not afford it. A little over fifty years ago, people may have gone out….

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Secret Santa


About twenty years ago, when I still possessed the vitality of youth, I signed up with a kissogram agency. One of my first gigs was to play Santa Claus to the women who worked in the human resources department of a….

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Copy Girl

Rant of a copy girl

I make copies for a living. Black and white, color, oversize. I also laminate, bind, staple, 3-hole punch, fold, and any other various “copy girl” duties. I understand that alot of people can not identify with the job of a….

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Full Body Massage Happy Ending

Happy Endings

It begins before you even get to my office. You call me, I answer, and you start asking me things like, “Is it a FULL BODY massage?” Then, you tell me I sound sexy. You ask if I’M going to….

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