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Massage Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of A Career In Massage?

Benefits of A Massage Career

For many people, the main benefit of a career in massage is that they get to help other people feel better, both mentally and physically. There is something very rewarding about knowing that you are….

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Therapy with Therapist

Private Practice Therapist [Interview]

Welcome to the Therapist Chair

We all struggle at one point in our lives to figure out what we want to do with ourselves. During our childhood, choosing what “we want to be when we grow up” is far easier….

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Mother: The Ultimate Job [Infographic]

A Mother Is Always At Work

There are two types of mothers in the world: Those who stay at home and take care of their kids, and those who go to work, then come home, and take care of their….

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Full Body Massage Happy Ending

Happy Endings

It begins before you even get to my office. You call me, I answer, and you start asking me things like, “Is it a FULL BODY massage?” Then, you tell me I sound sexy. You ask if I’M going to….

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