Tech Writing Career – Raw, Unvarnished Truth

The Truth Of A Tech Writing Career

Technical Writing Classes

If you’re planning to embark on a technical writing career, then this post is for you. The tips provided below can help you jumpstart your career in this field.

When deciding to become a tech writer, you must first realize if this profession is for you. Keep in mind that the salary in Read more

Funny Football Phrases From Around The World [Infographic]

Funny Phrases In Football

Ashley Williams

All sorts of sports and games inculcate sportsmanship, team work, accepting the win & the loss unflinchingly. But then every game is not devoid of fans and audience and their witty opinions. Football is also not bereft of obsessive fans and their antics referring the players & the Referee decisions during the match.

It is not … Read more

9 Habits of Highly Effective Nurses [Infographic]

Effective Nursing Practices

Effective Nurse

If you are a nurse, you know it is not an easy job and there are no shortcuts, and if you find them, you obviously are not following correct procedures, and this will always catch up to you in the long run. Your shortcuts will eventually be noticed and questioned. Procedures, no matter how tedious they may … Read more

What Your Boss Needs To Know About Teamwork [Infographic]

We all know how crucial teamwork is to a working environment, it’s the bread and butter that keeps a company going during the good and bad times. However, do you know as an employee what is required for successful teamwork or better yet, does your boss know?

Our infographic gives you the insight and also, provides some inspiration around the … Read more

Leadership Styles Around the World [Infographic]

Leadership Characteristics Across the Globe

Leadership Around The World

Leadership is an ever-changing concept, and the way in which people practice leadership style varies greatly from culture to culture. From autocratic management to egalitarian practice, from the traditional Asian ‘ringi-sho consensus’ to the Scandinavian ‘Primus Inter Pares’ this infographic explores the overriding philosophies that dictate leadership styles across the globe.

In the UK the … Read more