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School Class

Unconventional ESL Teaching Methods

Exploring 3 Unconventional ESL Teaching Methods

Source: Teachers encounter different types of students everyday. Each student has specific needs and learning styles that need to be met for them to be engaged in a specific lesson…..

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Athletic Teams

Confessions of a Teacher and Athletic Coach [Interview]

Interview with a Teacher and Athletic Coach

A few months ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who had to get his thoughts out.  What better place than on Confessions of the Professions? Any experience is an experience always worth sharing…..

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The Teaching Job [Interview]

People in this field are very underrated in terms of what they actually do for us. They know us as children, as young adults, and even as adults. They are constantly instilling and drilling into us specific values and knowledge….

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Father Christmas Sleep

Looking forward to Christmas

Christmas – boy was I looking forward to it!

I was teaching in Dallas, and it had been a busy half year. I wanted to maximize my enjoyment of the two week Christmas break following that I would have a….

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Day [Infographic]

It is said that those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach. The saying is an old proverb meaning that people who are able to do something well can do it for a living, while people who are not….

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Spanish English Language

A Rough Guide To Getting A Job In Spain

Whether you want a working holiday or are seeking employment to fund your expat lifestyle there are a few things that you’ll need to know before starting your Spanish job hunt. Being able to speak the language is the first….

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Children Learning in Classroom

Making the Grade: Great Teachers in Our Schools [Infographic]

Lately it seems that being a teacher gets worse and worse. Less pay, longer hours, and an increasing number of uninterested kids. Has being a teacher lost all its nobility? Actually, it looks like those who go into teaching are….

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