The Great State of Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!


Colorado. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful rivers. Beautiful lakes. Beautiful environment. Beautiful nature. Beautiful people. Beautiful everything. Great for everything. Whether you live in Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Colorado, there is something for you to do, whether in the city for work, or on a mountain for hiking or a nice long road for biking. Colorado is for … Read more

Importer Checklist: Save Time and Money [Infographic]

Importing Industry: Checklist To Save Time & Money

Time Money

Many of the businesses today are engaged in some form of importing activities to acquire materials and goods that are not readily available in their country. As one the most flourishing sector nowadays, the importing industry allows a business to manufacture and sell products using raw materials that are generally cheaper to … Read more

Taxes Around the World [Infographic]

Taxes Throughout the World

Filing Taxes

If you have not already done so, the deadline for filing federal tax returns is today. Some of you owe money, while others will receive their return. Give a lot, get a little. On another note, the United States is not the only one responsible for paying taxes. Taxes exist worldwide and are collected by nearly … Read more

Measures Taken to Stop Fraudsters in Wine Investment

What Measures Should Be Taken to Stop the Fraudsters in Wine Investment?

Wine investment has been an excellent source of revenue for many people; in the past twenty years it has steadily provided good rates of return. However, the last few years have seen an explosion in the demand for high quality wines, despite the fact that only a … Read more

Making The Jump Into Fine Wine Investment

Follow These Tips For Investing In Fine Wine

Wine investment is a comparatively low cost way of starting an investment portfolio. Providing you have around ten thousand pounds to spare you will be able to start your own wine portfolio. Wine investment is one of the best performing investment assets over the last two decades. This is mainly due to … Read more

Tax Rates Around the World [Infographic]

Taxes Around the World

Tax Return

Did you know that Belgium has the highest income tax rate in the world at over forty-two percent? This calculation is based on a single person on an average salary with no children, according to statistic website Statista. Germany is second highest with a rate of over thirty-nine percent, followed by Denmark at over thirty-eight … Read more

The Future of Student Loan Debt in America [Infographic]

In today’s age of borrowing, one of the most popular topics regarding investment is the college education. Many young people are banking on education and in turn, borrowing against their future in order to finish college and take necessary steps toward soluble finances. However, with rising costs of tuition, higher percentage interest rates and a perceived decreasing value of the … Read more

The Cost of Living by State [Interactive Infographic]

In this interactive infographic, the experts at decided to compare what residents of each state spend for things like homes, utilities, college tuition, income tax, gas, healthcare, car insurance and property tax. Looking to retire? Start a family? Or just tired of how much it costs to live in your state?  You may want to consider using this interactive … Read more

No Taxation Without Representation

“No taxation without representation”

What do I get for my federal taxes? Our public schools are failing, Social Security is insolvent, Medicare & Medicaid are run by a corrupt government that uses taxpayer money to overpay the corporations that run it. Our military is in shambles, our economy is on the brink of complete collapse and all our leaders can … Read more

The Path to Accounting [Infographic]

So you want to be an accountant?

Are you good with money? Are you a natural with a budget? Were you born knowing how to handle your money and always looking at ways to save? There are huge benefits to working as an accountant, and if you are really good, you can start with a great salary. Most corporations do … Read more