Keep Your Finger On the Pulse: 7 Questions You Need to Regularly Ask Your Team

Asking Your Team These Essential Questions 

Be Happy At Work

Keeping on top of your business means more than being aware of industry trends and changes. Your employees and their thoughts and feelings will impact your success.

Regularly asking questions and soliciting feedback from employees, whether in person or in writing, is a quick and easy way of keeping your finger on the … Read more

Millionaire’s Map: Countries Boasting The Most [Infographic]

What Countries Has The Most Millionaires?

Million Dollars

Thanks to our ever-evolving economy and the advancement of technology, wealth is gradually becoming more of a global phenomenon.

Gone are the days of the colonial aristocracy, and in their place comes a world of plucking entrepreneurs and startup millionaires.

A great example of how things are changing can be seen in this interesting … Read more

10 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs & Lessons [Infographic]

Lessons From Female Entrepreneurs

Successful Woman Brainstorm

If you are someone who is a budding entrepreneur or an aspiring professional, there’s a pretty good chance you developed part of your drive by being inspired by someone else.

There are plenty of people that have become extremely successful by combining their genius with their strong work ethic, which is always something that is inspirational.… Read more

Reading Habits that Lead to Success [Infographic]

Reading Habits of the Successful

Obama Reading

The most successful and wealthiest people in the world still read, on average, at least an hour a day. Many successful people are reading a variety of books including self-help, development, personal career enhancement, and even sci-fi and romance. People read for inspiration, to feed their hunger for knowledge or the thoughts of knowledge, or … Read more