How To Manage Stress [Infographic]

Managing Stressful Situations

Stressed Office Worker

The negative effects of work-related stress can start to infiltrate and impact every facet of life. You may have heard the term “work-life balance” and dismissed it as a misnomer since those words could never apply to your situation. It is essential that you learn to manage stress when you consider how it can affect your career, … Read more

How Consumers Really Feel About Holiday Shopping [Infographic]

Shopping Season Is Here And Here Is How Everyone Really Feels About It

Holiday Shopping

The holiday’s mean that consumers love shopping, and they really love shopping online. This according to new data on holiday shopping trends from Shorr Packaging. Online shopping is growing rapidly each year with Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales breaking records this year. 70% of consumers … Read more

10 Ways To De-Stress Your Employees [Infographic]

Helping Your Employees Deal With Stress

Stressed Out

Stress in the workplace is unavoidable. Everyday there are no issues and tasks that need to be completed that will cause stress to pop up. Employees who are less stressed tend to take off less time from work and are usually more productive than highly stressed employees. If you don’t try to work with … Read more

Cost Of A Bad Hire [Infographic]

Hiring Costs Of Bad Hires

Interviewing A Bad Hire

A bad hire can end up being more than just someone who doesn’t fit the job. It can become a productivity sinkhole, a source of added stress and a potential loss of customers. A CareerBuilder survey found that 75% of employers say they have made a bad hire.

Here are some of the things they Read more

Restorative Sleep [Infographic]

Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep


You may want your work to stay in the office when you clock out for the day, but it often doesn’t happen that way. All the stress and anxiety that builds up over the course of a typical workday frequently comes home with us. That can mean we’re not getting a good night’s sleep … Read more

Tweak Your Exam Technique [Infographic]

Tweaking Your Technique For Exams

Completing Exam

Sometimes even though you may have prepared well, your exam technique can let you down. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through how you can improve your technique in exams so you don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Despite having all the best intentions, most people will be doing at least some work … Read more

Make Everyday Easier: The Capsule Work Wardrobe

The Everyday Work Wardrobe

Work Capsule Wardrobe

Shockingly, nearly one in ten women admitted to having lost sleep over panicking what to wear to work the next day – 25% of women are now creating capsule work wardrobes.

After 1 in 5 women admitted to getting changed on their lunch break, leading womenswear retailer Dorothy Perkins has identified big names who have … Read more

13 Ways To Remain Positive Whatever The Situation [Infographic]

Remain Positive No Matter What

No Negative Thoughts

There’s no doubting that from time to time we all suffer from a lack of confidence. While it is often great to have a glass half-full approach to life, there are always certain things that make having that attitude challenging.

The workplace is one in particular where being able to always find the positives from … Read more

10 Reasons Why Every Office Needs Plants & Flowers [Infographic]

Why You Need Plants In Your Office

Engaging Office Plants

We all know only too well how dull the average office can look. The combination of computers, printers, desks, chairs and notice boards create a wealth of different shades of grey that no one finds particularly appealing.

The miserable colour schemes of offices are only added to in the winter when there’s even … Read more

27 Ways To Relax After A Stressful Day At Work [Infographic]

How To Relax After Work


While many of us try hard to not let our professional lives affect our personal lives, sometimes it feels impossible to stop from happening.

Work related stress is often the reason for it because it can be so hard to forget the trials and tribulations of our work day once we get home.

Widespread Stress-Related Read more