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Tips for Safe Online Shopping [Infographic]

Are You Safe When Online Shopping?

While the internet has made it convenient for us to communicate and acquire the things that we need, it also has become the place that houses many crooked minds these days. Cyber crimes have….

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iPhone IRS Scam

IRS Phone Scams

Are You Receiving An IRS Phone Scam?

As much as I would love to tell you that the IRS themselves have the job of scamming Americans out of millions of dollars every year, they are legitimately a company employed to….

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Mona Lisa Heist

Steals of the Century [Infographic]

History’s Priceless Stolen Items

Some of the greatest heists of all time have taken place in the past decade of history. As security measures become more heightened, thieves and criminal gangs get even bolder. Some of the most confounding and….

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Free Money Trap

Will You Fall For a Nigerian Email Scam?

Getting Scammed May Be Easier Than You Think

Scammers have been around long before the Internet even existed, with con-men going into people’s homes with a sob story about a long lost relative, a charity, or any organization that….

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Super Wawa Gas Station

Wawa Gas Attendant

A few years ago, i started my second job at Wawa as a gas attendant and stayed there for about 5 years. Before I begin, I would just like to say that this is probably the easiest jobs anyone can….

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