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Resume Writing

How to Put Your Education To Work On Your Resume

Education on Resume

A good resume should be structured in a clear and precise manner in order to communicate its message in the shortest time possible. The message of the resume usually begins in the education section as it progresses….

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Team Meet

Agile Training and Scrum Meetings For Workplace Productivity

How Agile Training and Scrum Meetings Can Increase the Productivity in your Workplace

Many companies must deal with rapidly changing requirements and using a systematic approach allows companies to handle this with ease.  Scrum is an iterative and incremental Read More →

CIO Business Apps

10 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have [Infographic]

Get These Must-Have Apps For Your Business!

Managing a small business is a career move that means you will need to be switched on almost 24/7, with a whole company’s future depending on your decisions and strategies. It takes a….

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Busy Nurse

Hire More Nurses To Save On Costs [Infographic]

Health Care Providers Should Hire More Nurses To Save On Costs

Health care facilities, such as hospitals, need to streamline operational expenses, just like any other business. In a bid to minimize expenses, most administrators and managers hire a lean….

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Holiday Season Shoppers

The Mind Blowing Impact Of The Holiday Season [Infographic]

The Busy Holiday Season of Employment

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will be more than aware that Christmas is quickly creeping round the corner. Stores are already decorated with tinsel and fake snow and some people have….

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Classification Employee Independent Contractor

Why Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification Matters [Infographic]

Classification: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Employee classification matters for both businesses owners and employees although some may overlook it. Businesses can face issues with the IRS for improper employee classification and employees may be getting the short end of the….

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Customer Product Demand

Best Ways of Meeting Customer Demand

Customer service is the key area of business for most companies. Simply put, meeting the demand of the customer can be the difference between a successful company and one that fails. Without customers, most businesses would be unable to function…..

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Customer Loyalty

Improve Your Customer Service to Improve Customer Loyalty

In order to increase brand loyalty it’s vital that you work on your customer service. Competition is so fierce online; your consumers will swap to a new brand if someone is able to provide a better service than you. Therefore….

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Job Satisfaction

Put Job Satisfaction High On The Agenda [UK] [Infographic]

How can you improve job satisfaction in the workplace? If you’re a manager… Make sure staff are happy by getting to know them and finding out what their needs are in the workplace. Do they have enough equipment or resources….

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Paul Shark Mystery Shopper

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Mystery Shopper?

When working for a mystery shopping company you never know what job you will be given, it could be something you will really enjoy or it could be something you would rather not go and do. Despite the fact you….

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