Military to Civilian [Infographic]

Transformation From Military to Civilian

Careers For Military Veterans

How often do people of military services ask for writing help? Even though most of them weren’t high-ranking military officers, asking someone for a hand isn’t such a simple task after years of soldierly appearance and self-decision- making. Yet, when in a need of a new job they try to convert their highly-military CV into … Read more

How to Find the Right Freelancing Opportunities

Opportunities in Freelancing

Freelancing Girl

There are few categories of people interested in getting freelancing jobs:

  • Full-time or part-time workers who want to make extra money in their free time;
  • People who are between jobs;
  • Recent graduates who are looking for their first opportunity on the market;
  • People who want to make money while traveling, or
  • Those who see a long-term opportunity
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Significance of Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certification: Helping You Reach the Zenith of Success

A Microsoft certified individual has an edge over other IT professionals when it comes to job opportunity. The following post takes a quick look at the significance of Microsoft Certification Course.

Microsoft Certification programs have been typically launched by the software giant Microsoft. This program was launched, keeping in mind to … Read more

Essential Skills For The Live Chat Professional

Becoming a live chat customer service specialist requires more than a basic understanding of grammar and punctuation. Your ability to get your job done relies on solid customer service fundamentals, including patience, empathy and the ability to find a solution that works for both your customer and your company. Although interacting with customers through online chat may be challenging, connecting … Read more

Is Life Insurance Cover Worth it?

The value of life insurance cover is an ever-present question that continues to pepper the lips of those wondering if they can afford the right cover for themselves and their family. The cheapest cover available may not always be the best for a number of reasons and due to the amount of variables to consider when selecting cover, there is … Read more