Eight Tips To Become An Impressive Public Speaker

Eight Top Tips To Turn You Into An Impressive Public Speaker

Public Speaking Podium

It’s one of the most common human fears; it has been unanimously voted as one of the biggest fears of all time, up there with flying, but public speaking doesn’t need to scary. If you’ve got a big work presentation coming up, or are giving talks at corporate events, … Read more

Hiring a Motivational Speaker? Go for the Funny Guy

When the time comes to  host a business conference, meeting, or assembly and you’d like to kick it off with a keynote speaker, you’ve got a big task ahead of you. There are all kinds of motivational speakers out there, from Christian keynote speakers to motivational magicians. However, anyone who’s seen one can tell you that [clean, of course] comedians … Read more

How Would Ben Franklin Give A Commencement Speech?

How Would Ben Franklin Give A Commencement Speech?
Now is the time many high school seniors are getting anxious and excited about moving on to a four year school. High school graduation is a milestone in one’s life. Trust me, you’ll hear about it a lot during the commencement speech; the speaker will speak of growing up and how to live life with passion and compassion as well. … Read more

Three UK Speakers whose Story Matters

Choosing a speaker for your conference or event is a vital part of the planning that can mean the difference between success and failure for the whole occasion.

The right speaker will bring a gathering of any theme to life while giving each attendee a memorable experience. Choose from a well-known personality or celebrity to a speaker with specific expertise … Read more