Keep Your Finger On the Pulse: 7 Questions You Need to Regularly Ask Your Team

Asking Your Team These Essential Questions 

Be Happy At Work

Keeping on top of your business means more than being aware of industry trends and changes. Your employees and their thoughts and feelings will impact your success.

Regularly asking questions and soliciting feedback from employees, whether in person or in writing, is a quick and easy way of keeping your finger on the … Read more

Future of Food Packaging [Infographic]

Packaging Food for the Future

Food Packaging

The food packaging industry includes a wide range of sectors including packaging material and packaging alternatives. Fiber based materials including carton, liquid carton and corrugated contribute 31% of the total global packaging market. Food packaging is the largest end-user market for corrugated materials accounting for 40% of the total consumption.

Five Major Trends That Will

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Work Productivity [Infographic]

Productivity at Workplace

Boost Work Productivity

Getting things done at work gives a real sense of achievement plus it means that you are closer to completing a given task which ensures progress. The problem is that with so many distractions around us today, it is getting more and more difficult to stay focussed. We are living in a world that is becoming dominated … Read more

Be Productive at Work [Infographic]

Being Productive in the Workplace

Workplace Employee Productivity

The workspace as we know it is changing. The days of monotonous cubicles are numbered and instead we are being presented with new modern solutions for the office environment. Open plan spaces, bright colours and ‘office pods’ are to become commonplace in the office of the future. The idea behind these being that that they … Read more