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Jobs In Tech

LinkedIn Payscale: How Do Popular Tech Jobs Compare? [Infographic]

Tech Jobs Comparison Payscale

We all know tech jobs offer the big bucks, but do you know just how much salary they pay? What about at the start, middle and the end of their careers? We’ve worked with eCard Shack to reveal….

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Millennials 2

Why Millennials Perform Better than the Older Generations

Comparing Millennial Performance To Older Generations

Image source: Deposit Photos   The manner in which the millennial generation has come of age has had a profound effect on the way in which they perform on the job….

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Job Search Promo

Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed [Infographic]

Get Noticed By Your Target Company

For sure many of us, prior to graduating in college, already have a company in mind whom we aspire to work for someday. However, with the over-saturation of the job market today, it can….

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Home Office 5

Creating a Stylish Home Office [Infographic]

Styling Your Home Office

With more people being given the opportunity to work from home either by starting their own business venture or having flexible employers, there is a need to create office space within your home. You don’t have….

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Expat World

Rise of the Expat-preneur [Infographic]

The Daring International Entrepreneur

Driven by a desire to switch the office for a laptop on a beach, to escape a humdrum home nation, or to relocate for a loved one, more and more of us are choosing to up….

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Food Packages

Future of Food Packaging [Infographic]

Packaging Food for the Future

The food packaging industry includes a wide range of sectors including packaging material and packaging alternatives. Fiber based materials including carton, liquid carton and corrugated contribute 31% of the total global packaging market. Food packaging….

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Productivity Work

Work Productivity [Infographic]

Productivity at Workplace

Getting things done at work gives a real sense of achievement plus it means that you are closer to completing a given task which ensures progress. The problem is that with so many distractions around us today, it….

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Workplace Productivity

Be Productive at Work [Infographic]

Being Productive in the Workplace

The workspace as we know it is changing. The days of monotonous cubicles are numbered and instead we are being presented with new modern solutions for the office environment. Open plan spaces, bright colours and….

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Science Medical Field Employee

Anatomy of the Perfect STEM Temp [Infographic]

The Perfect STEM Workers

If you are in the business of supplying temps it’s heartening to know that the industry’s revenue is growing an average of 10% each month year on year. What would be even better to understand, though,….

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Global Sourcing Solutions

What Should You Consider While Implementing Global Sourcing Solutions?

While considering implementation of global sourcing solutions, you need to understand that the primary objective is to reduce costs. Therefore, you will be able to decrease production costs that will directly….

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