Everything You Need To Know About Ballet Shoes [Infographic]

Learn About Ballet Shoes

Royal Ballet

A ballet shoe was designed for the ballet dancing. The shoe is made from flexible and thin soles. These shoes are great for both men and women. Most of the ballet dancers prefer to wear soft ballet slippers for comfort.

History of ballet shoes: 

Ballet dance was started in 1682 but ballet shoes were worn in … Read more

Most Beautiful Espadrilles for Women [Infographic]

Women’s Espadrilles

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Women’s espadrilles are the comfortable shoes for women. These shoes are designed to wear on summer season. They come in fun prints and colors. They include platforms, embroidered details, open-toe designs & many more. These types of ladies shoes are fully flexible and foldable in nature. In the infographic below, 6 of the most beautiful espadrilles for women … Read more