Education and Technology [Infographic]

Technology Transformation In The Classroom

Student With iPad Technology in the Classroom

Education is an inviting process of possibility and truth that gives time encourages to discovery.  Education is considered as deliberate, and it allows people to develop their judgment, understanding and enable particular action. Education is the important tool that helps people to balance their life in the proper way. Education prepares peoples for facing and … Read more

New Media Europe Conference 2015

New Media Europe 2015

Neomam Studios wishes to inform everyone about New Media Europe 2015 which will take place on September 12 and 13 in Manchester, UK for its second annual conference.

The event is aimed at hleping marketing specialists, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are looking to use expand their knowledge and expertise in podcasting, blogging, social media and video.

New Media Europe … Read more

Social CEOs [Infographic]

The Social CEO

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As social media platforms have risen to be an important part of peoples’ lives, they have outgrown their mere socializing purpose and have become essential networking tools for professionals. Even if social media has become an integrated marketing part of businesses, CEOs are lagging behind this trend, not utilizing the phenomena to its full potential.

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