Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Taking A Nap [Infographic]

Feel Free, It’s Nap Time!

Kitty Nap

Napping has gotten a bad rap in our fast-paced society, with revelers being labeled as lazy or unmotivated. However, according to science, our snobbish attitude towards naps is misguided. In fact, embracing nap time may be just what you need to improve your performance at work and overall well-being.[1]

Even brief naps have been … Read more

Left Brain vs. Right Brain Functions [Infographic]

Functions of The Left and Right Brain

Brain Functioning

The human brain has been an object of scientific studies for many years. Psychologists and neuroscientists have always tried to learn as much as possible about brain’s functions.

The difference between left and right brain hemispheres is one of the most discussed topics among all the other brain studies.

Apart from having specific … Read more

Top 3 Countries to Study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad in Europe

Studying Touring Europe

When you think of studying abroad in Europe, you think of countries like the United Kingdom and France. However, there are many other countries that have a really high standard of education and should definitely be taken into consideration.

Some of these nations have a really strong education system, with a unique and exquisite culture, combined … Read more

Hire More Nurses To Save On Costs [Infographic]

Health Care Providers Should Hire More Nurses To Save On Costs

Nurse With Patient

Health care facilities, such as hospitals, need to streamline operational expenses, just like any other business. In a bid to minimize expenses, most administrators and managers hire a lean workforce to try and improve efficiency of operations. This may make sense in business, but in health care facilities, the … Read more