Safety in the Lakes [Infographic]

How To Stay Safe When Swimming In The Lakes


With approximately 16 million visitors each year The Lake District is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Many of the visitors come to walk, hike and enjoy the magnificence of the mountains, valleys, towns, villages and undoubtedly the Lakes. With so many visitors it’s little wonder that there are times when … Read more

Petrol vs. Diesel [Infographic]

Which Fuel To Use: Diesel or Petrol?

Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine

A car’s type of fuel is one of the most basic factors that you must consider before purchasing a car. This lies with the fact that different types of gas have varying price ranges and effects on the machine of your car. When you use the wrong type of gas for your car … Read more

Cost Of Moving To Become A Homeowner [Infographic]

From Renting To Owning Moving Costs

Couple Moving House

It might seem that renting is a great idea for a while, until the day comes when you decide you want to become a homeowner. You cruise the neighborhood, you might search some Internet websites, or you get a real estate agent who is happy to hear what you are looking for and take … Read more

21 Ways To Go Green At The Office [Infographic]

Going Green At The Office

Eco-friendly Office Conference Room

Things have changed a lot in the past few years. We have turned from a society blissfully unaware of our environment to one which is increasingly doing more to go green.

Our respect for the environment and the planet’s vital resources can be seen across a number of industries. For example, more car manufacturers continue … Read more

UK Spending And Saving Habits [Infographic]

How Do You Spend Your Monthly Paycheck?

Spend Save Give

How do you spend payday? Does it all go down the drain, do you put some to the side to treat yourself, or do you stash as much as you can into your savings account?

For many it is the first option. To tie in with arguably one of the best days of … Read more

Green Office Buildings [Infographic]

Buildings Saving The Planet

Green House Office Building

Environmentally friendly office buildings continue to make their mark on landscapes around the world. Designers and architects have stepped up to the mark using innovation and technological advancements to assist companies to reduce their carbon footprint and ultimately help to save the planet.

This infographic showcases some of the world’s ‘Greenest’ office buildings, providing a … Read more

World Backup Day

World Backup Day: Don’t Be An April Fool!

Be prepared. Back up your files on March 31st

Most people do not think twice about their data when it comes to taking photos, saving online documents, emails, etc. It is usually not even a thought on their minds to make a backup until the day they lose everything. Once everything … Read more

Eliminate Your Phone Bill, Thanks to Google [Solution]

How Google Voice Became My Primary Phone Number for FREE

Phone Bill

PROBLEM: Your cell phone bill is sky high and you have no choice but to continue paying it because you need to have a phone. You have considered using a pre-paid phone, but you have to call the service and put money on it, you run out of minutes, … Read more

Money Matters: 6 Ways To Increase Your Personal Wealth

People don’t become rich by accident. Even if someone is fortunate enough to inherit their wealth from family, it requires diligence to maintain it and make it grow. If you are seeking to improve your wealth steadily and prepare for a comfortable future, follow these practical tips to start saving and investing!

Set a spending limit

Are you money conscious? … Read more