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Jobs In Tech

LinkedIn Payscale: How Do Popular Tech Jobs Compare? [Infographic]

Tech Jobs Comparison Payscale

We all know tech jobs offer the big bucks, but do you know just how much salary they pay? What about at the start, middle and the end of their careers? We’ve worked with eCard Shack to reveal….

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CEO Paycheck

CEO vs. Employee Salary [Interactive Infographic]

How Much Do Top Tech CEOs Make Compared To Their Employees?

As you might expect, it pays to be a Chief Executive Officer of a large corporation. The average pay for a CEO in the UK is £93,285 per year -….

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European Software Developers’ Salary [Infographic]

Software Developer Salary in Europe

The infographic was created by Adoriasoft team basing on the survey by O’Reilly. According to which  technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Bash and Java have marked the year as….

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World Economy

The Global Payscale [Infographic]

How Much Is The World Getting Paid?

The total value of the world’s income is closing in on an eye-watering $70 trillion per year. Wouldn’t it be great to know where on our planet you could get your hands on….

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Sick Days

Sick Leave Across Europe [Infographic]

Sick Pay Across Europe

New research has revealed the true extent to which conditions for sick leave pay across Europe vary wildly between nations. Multiple data sets were dug up by UK company Vouchercloud, which show there’s no universal standard….

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Negotiating Salary

Tips For Negotiating A Salary Increase [Infographic]

How To Negotiate For A Pay Rise

If you work in a role like sales, where negotiating is a key part of the job description, then asking for a raise and arguing your case is probably second nature. In fact….

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How Long Would It Take To Become A Millionaire? [Infographic]

When Will You Be A Millionaire?

Let’s face it, we have all sat around with a group of friends and imagined what it would be like to become a millionaire. The scenario often involves winning the lottery and how on earth….

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Working Across Map

Thinking Of Working Abroad [Infographic]

 3 Things You Should Consider Working Abroad

For many people, moving abroad to pursue a career is a major, big-ticket dream, but it’s not without its challenges. We’ve put together 6 things to consider before you make the move. 1…..

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Pay Raise Ahead

Salary and Progression [Infographic]

Career Salary Progression

Our infographic shows how experience is linked to salary progression. Highlighting the average salaries from junior to executive, it is easy to see the differences and the gains to be made the more experience you have in….

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Welder Welding

Welding Career Paths [Infographic]

Welding: A Big Payoff for the Patient and Steady Handed

Possess a steady hand? Looking for a non-desk job that pays well? Welding may be just the right career for you. In addition to a knack for precision, welders must….

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