TV Dad Salaries

Salaries of Television Dads

TV Dads

Throughout the history of television, actors have portrayed American families making it through life, going through family problems, resolving issues, and somehow still managing to enjoy each other’s company. In almost all television shows, the father always ran off to work and would return home where the show would focus on the interactions of family members. … Read more

Overtime Pay For Salaried Workers [Infographic]

Laws For Overtime Pay

Late Night Work

Are salaried employees entitled to overtime pay? Although it may not be the main question many salaried workers would ask, it is, however, important to know if overtime pay is available as a salaried worker.

To put it quite simply, the answer to this question is, yes, salaried employees are entitled to overtime pay. Salaried employees … Read more

The Fortune 500 Pay Counter [Infographic]

Top CEO Pay Of Fortune 500

Business Jobs

CEOs for some of the largest corporations in the world received yet another raise last year.

According to data from Equilar, the median pay for the Fortune 500 CEOs rose to a huge $11 million in 2016. We’ve compared some of the highest earning CEO salaries at Fortune 500 companies to the average worker … Read more

Cracking The CFA Exam [Infographic]

Preparing for the CFA Exam

Keep Calm CFA Exam

As you may know, the next Level I CFA Exam is coming up on December 2Candidates for Level I exams spend an average of 287 hours studying all 10 topics covered in the test, meaning now is the time to study. This is a valuable infographic, created by Ohio University’s online Master … Read more

5 Ways Unhappy Employees Can Cause Corporate Insolvency

The Results of Unhappy Employees

Man and woman outside cafe

Having unhappy employees and not doing anything about it can lead a company into a downward spiral and cost them a lot of money due to lost revenues, damages and other arising issues. Eventually, it can lead a company to bankruptcy.

Employees can be dissatisfied for a lot of reasons and it’s important to be … Read more

What To Do If You Are Scared To Leave Your Dead-End Job

Stuck In A Dead Job? Read This!

Job Search

Are you stuck in a dead end job and do not know how to progress your career any further? It can be frustrating and even depressing being in a job that you feel is getting you nowhere. However, a lot of people are also scared to leave their job because of fear of … Read more

LinkedIn Payscale: How Do Popular Tech Jobs Compare? [Infographic]

Tech Jobs Comparison Payscale

Software Engineer

We all know tech jobs offer the big bucks, but do you know just how much salary they pay? What about at the start, middle and the end of their careers?

We’ve worked with eCard Shack to reveal the top paying tech jobs and their benchmark salaries across their career using LinkedIn data.

Check out the … Read more

CEO vs. Employee Salary [Interactive Infographic]

How Much Do Top Tech CEOs Make Compared To Their Employees?

Wealthy Businessman Holding A Lot Of Money

As you might expect, it pays to be a Chief Executive Officer of a large corporation. The average pay for a CEO in the UK is £93,285 per year – however that is a far cry from the paycheck’s for the CEOs of Silicon Valley where the big bucks … Read more

European Software Developers’ Salary [Infographic]

Software Developer Salary in Europe

Software Development

The infographic was created by Adoriasoft team basing on the survey by O’Reilly. According to which  technologies such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Bash and Java have marked the year as most widely used programming languages of 2016. At the same time, Java alongside PHP and C/C++ were still used by programmers, but not … Read more

The Global Payscale [Infographic]

How Much Is The World Getting Paid?

Global Payscale World Average Salary

The total value of the world’s income is closing in on an eye-watering $70 trillion per year. Wouldn’t it be great to know where on our planet you could get your hands on the most cash? Ecard Shack have created The Global PayScale to show us just that, revealing the top 10 average … Read more