Disengaged Employees [Infographic]

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

Disengaged Employee

Do employers hire employees who are already disengaged or do the employees who were hired later become disengaged after working at the company for some time? Obviously, an employee is engaged enough to work on their cover letter, resume, and actually seek out a job pertaining to their interests, and put on some nice … Read more

Ultimate Productivity Checklist [Ebook]

Be More Productive With This Ebook Checklist

Productivity Board

While we would all love to be productive all the time, there are things that distract us away from what we really need to be focusing on. I admit it, I will be working on something of importance, and out of no where, and for no reason, I will randomly type in facebook.com … Read more

Biggest Jackpots in the History of Gambling [Infographic]

Gambling Jackpot History

Gambling Poker

The main book of World Records was published back in 1955. It was the brand Guinness that requested exploration. Early releases of the book were more like reference books, yet interesting and inquisitive cases in the long run of various people. Today’s Guinness Book of Records painstakingly records every single exceptional case of the greatest casino rewards, … Read more

Summarize Your Blog

Summarize all your Blog Posts and Increase Readers

When I was younger, I remember being assigned a book to read in school and never looked forward to reading it. Each week, the teacher would assign one or two chapters and ask questions regarding those chapters. Nowadays, while I do appreciate a good book or an insightful article, reading then was … Read more

How To Be The Best Boss [Infographic]

Like a Boss

Most of us still remember our good bosses, but none of us will ever forget our bad ones. This infographic looks at just what it is that makes a good boss and reveals exactly what effects a bad boss can have.

It reviews the latest research into how good and bad management impact on staff motivation and retention. It does … Read more

Criminal Minds [Infographic]

For criminals, there are no crimes perhaps more enticing than bank robbery. The fame, notoriety, and financial rewards of robbing a bank are enough to entice hackers, gunmen and even politicians into attempting to rob a bank. Some of these bank robbers were successful in their attempts, and have never been found, while others had their elaborate schemes unraveled when … Read more

Change Your Company Culture With Employee Perks

Office Workers Corporate Culture

No one wants to work in a sea of cubicles where you can hear a pin drop. If your corporate culture feels stiff or contrived and you’re in a position to change it, consider offering unique job perks to help foster team spirit and make employees feel connected to the workplace and each other. Building a work culture doesn’t have … Read more

Employee Appreciation Checklist [Infographic]

A good set of employees is essential to any successful business. Of course a solid business plan, a good product, and good leadership are all important, but you cannot hope to succeed without a truly stellar set of employees that will give everything towards making the company a success. How do you get such an awesome set of employees? A … Read more

Why Employers Can’t Afford To Tolerate Bad Workplace Morale

Any decent manager worth their salt will already be well aware of the importance of workplace morale. Workers who Employers and Bad Workplacesare disillusioned or feel they aren’t being adequately rewarded for their efforts are highly likely to disengage from the work process, perhaps even subconsciously – they’ll be less productive, and this can have a severe cumulative impact on your business, preventing … Read more

Simple Ways To Keep Your Customers Happy

We, as customers, always expect the best service, no matter if we go to the local shop or we want to buy a car. But sometimes it seems we’re not so delighted, as we are supposed to be. Here we offer you some steps, which can improve your company’s service and will help you attract new clients and keep your … Read more