Drug User Decriminalization: A Way Out For Drug Users

Drug User Decriminalization

Drug Addict by Selcouthh-d30s1az

Author Note: When choosing photos for this confession, most were likely to be stock images, but accurately represent the life and death of a drug user or drug abuser. As the content and images were intended to help you understand the pain of a drug user, drug abuser, or the loss of one, this content has been Read more

Live the Dream, Work from Home [Infographic]

Want To Quit Your Job and Work From Home? Keep Reading

Quit Your Job

When was it when your dream of working from home became a pressing necessity? It may have been while choking on car fumes during the morning commute or when the bus was late again. Or it may have been when you were trying to get a project done but … Read more

Beyond Money: Ways to Motivate Your Employees [Infographic]

What Are Your Employees Looking For Other Than Money?

Freud famously scratched his head and asked himself, after thirty years of research, ‘what does a woman want?’ Employers, fighting a losing battle to maintain staff retention, are asking themselves something similar. Is it salary, bonuses or something else that really motivates employees? How can you command staff loyalty in an … Read more

The Gorilla Story

This story starts with a cage containing five gorillas and a large bunch of bananas hanging above some stairs in the center of the cage. Before long, a gorilla goes to the stairs and starts to climb toward the bananas. As soon as he touches the stairs, all the gorillas are sprayed with cold water. After a while, another gorilla … Read more

Employee Appreciation Checklist [Infographic]

A good set of employees is essential to any successful business. Of course a solid business plan, a good product, and good leadership are all important, but you cannot hope to succeed without a truly stellar set of employees that will give everything towards making the company a success. How do you get such an awesome set of employees? A … Read more

Under The Stairs

This happened many years ago when I was a younger man. I worked as a telemarketer for a well-respected company in North Dallas. Some of our clients were major employers from around the world.

One day, the company hired a married woman who lived in the same apartment complex that I lived in. We didn’t know each other until we … Read more