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Interview Byquist

How to Get Ready for a Job Interview in One Day

Quick Prep Interview Guide

Being a job seeker is difficult as you have worries about finding a job position that can satisfy your needs. Once your resume is sent to a potential employer, you start thinking about getting an invitation….

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Resume Photo

8 Hints to Get Your Resume Noticed

Getting Your Resume Noticed

If you are very skilled and experienced, there are probably many other people like you looking for a job on the job market right now. And if you are a student who’s just graduated, or a….

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Job Application Resume

5 Signs Its Time To Start Your Resume Over From Scratch

Is It Time To Redo Your Resume?

It’s surprisingly common to see people submit their resumes for different job vacancies only to receive polite rejection letters or they are completely ignored. Some don’t get any response at all. If a….

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How to Beat Online Job Application Systems and Get Hired Faster

Get Hired Fast!

In recent years, many companies, both large and small, have turned to automated programs to handle the recruitment process. This may seem a bit scary to some job seekers, since their applications are not reviewed by humans…..

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Lois Griffin Housewife

Housewife and Mother Resume

The Most Underrated Profession: Housewife and Mother

A mother’s job is not an easy one and we often take our mothers and our wives for granted in all that they do. We might think they are not doing as much….

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Thinking Woman at Desk

3 Ways to Know Your Employer Better

Get To Know Your Employer

People who are currently in the stage of their job search, may hardly know anything about their employer, but all the same, nothing stops them from thinking that it’s all going successfully. Well, they’ve used….

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Executive Job Search Avatar

Recommended Resources For An Executive Job Search

Resources for Job Search

The current wave of downsizing has made many executives unemployed. It has also increased the unemployment and competition in the market, which has made it difficult for the executives to find and obtain a good job…..

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Top Lifehacks To Fighting Against Job Stress

Lifehacks For Job Stress

Did you know that job-hunting could be as stressing as the job you have recently worked on or keep working until now? If you know, then perhaps you’ve already tried out both. In fact, thousands of….

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Resume Fraud

Facts About Lies In Resume [Infographic]

Lying in Resumes

Recruiters, who look through hundreds of resumes and CVs every day, know that there are many facts in application documents that were exaggerated or even falsified. The reason why job seekers use this method of self-presentation is clear…..

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Resume Mistakes

Avoiding Common Resume Writing Mistakes

Common Resume Writing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Writing a resume may be a tedious task for some people, and at the same time the task may easily be performed. A number of considerations need to be made when….

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