Secret to a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm

How To Be Successful With Content Marketing

Content Market Strategy
Content marketing should be at the forefront of any marketing strategy for a modern law firm. With materials like blog posts, infographics and videos you can raise your online profile, build trust with potential clients, and establish yourself as a source for information. Along with that, content marketing costs less than traditional marketing … Read more

Six Hour Work Day [Infographic]

The Case For The Six Hour Work Day

At Work Today

In this day and age, most Americans are accustomed to working well over eight hours per day.  Companies often demand that employees be available around the clock, and it’s not uncommon for emails to fly back and forth in the middle of the night. Simply put, work never seems to stop.

While … Read more

Get the Change You Need: Success in Management Buy-Ins [Infographic]

Say Yes To Contract Management


Change is necessary for any company to grow but convincing your management to rethink the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach can get tricky. However, employees with an innovative and new idea on how to help the company be more successful need to know how important it is that they understand how to Read more

How the Returns Process Works for Online Retailers [Infographic]

E-Commerce Retailers and Return Process

Store Return Policy

Most online retailers fail to realize that the number one reason that in-store-only shopping refuse to buy online is because of the returns process. Most online retailers are expected to see huge sales this holiday shopping season, however most are not prepared to properly handle online returns in a way that keeps their customers or … Read more

Five Methods to Increasing Your Revenue per Available Room

Michels & Taylor’s Five Methods to Increasing Your Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)

A common problem often facing hoteliers is how to increase revenue per available room. Jesper Johansen, Revenue Director Michel’s & Taylor Managed Hotel division, has provided his tried and tested solutions to this age old problem.

Figure 1 - Jesper Johansen Revnue Director at Michel's & Taylor

Figure 1 – Jesper Johansen Revnue Director at Michel’s & Taylor

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How Consumers Foot The Bill For Data Breaches [Infographic]

Major security data breaches have hit big businesses across the globe in 2014. Big names such as eBay, Target, The University of Maryland and PF Changs have all been targeted. Most consumers shrug off these data breaches as a cost that is associated with e-commerce. Most consumers don’t realize that they will end up footing a portion of the data … Read more