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Fitness App Tracking

50 Apps For Tracking Everything [Infographic]

Tracking Your Life With Apps

Mobile phones have become absolutely integral in the lives of millions of people around the world. One of the chief reasons for this is the endless array of apps that are available to help people….

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Urbanpro Hero

Company Spotlight: UrbanPro

Featured Company: UrbanPro

What is UrbanPro? is India’s favorite learning destination where tutors, trainers and training institutes connect with students across India, to bridge learning gap and generate revenue for our Tutors and Institutes.     When….

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Securing Box Tape

Guide For Choosing Perfect Packaging Tape [Infographic]

Using The Right Packaging Tape

Whenever we are talking about any sort of packaging, then a crucial thing that is widely used and help to make your products and Cardboard boxes secure is a Packaging Tape.  If you want your product….

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Window Tint Chevy

Professional Car Tinting Versus Do-It-Yourself [Infographic]

Tinting Your Car Windows

With lots of do-it-yourself blogs and videos available on the internet today, almost everyone now can create do or create their own project all with the little help from basic house tools. However, doing everything by….

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Smart Packaging

It’s All In The Package [Infographic]

What’s In The Package?

Choosing the right packaging for your products is really important because packaging design & materials can influence purchase decisions. Packaging designs makes your product stand out in the crowded shelf. The color, designs and material of….

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Dog Trails

10 Dog Friendly National Parks [Infographic]

Must-Visit Dog-Friendly National Dark Parks

Work got you stressed out? Itching to get out of the cube and into the sunlight? A trip to a national park will reduce stress and leave you feeling invigorated after spending some quality time….

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Important Aspect of Buying Your Home

The Important Factor In Buying Your Home

Location, Location, Location! Every real-estate agent advocates and vouches for this phrase. It was first spotted in an ad in 1926, indicating that it was already a familiar saying in Chicago. Clearly, location has been one….

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Why Hire A Private Home Tutor For Your Child?

Home Tutor for Children

Each child is different and they differ in their behavior and learning abilities. Some understand the concepts very easily in school while other may need some extra time, attention and support to help them perform better….

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Toyota Fuel Cell Hydrogen Power

Electric vs. Hydrogen [Infographic]

The Battle To Fuel The Future Of Cars

There was time when finding the replacement for the petrol and diesel was difficult. Now in 2016, when we look back, we know that we have come a long way. We have….

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Clear Packaging Tape

Tips To Wrapping and Packaging Parcels [Infographic]

Wrapping Your Packages and Parcels Properly

Multiple things are needed to be kept in mind while wrapping a package, let us say which things or material will need that perfect wrapping. For that absolute packing first, you have to choose….

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