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Fidget Cube 1

My New Fidget Spinner

The Hype of Fidgeting Toys

Get your fidget bundle today! With all the hype of….

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Mans Watch

5 Points To Remember Before Purchasing Watches For Men [Infographic]

Read This Before You Purchase That Watch

Whenever we talk about men’s accessories, watches are the first thing that come in our mind. Watches help in making an awesome style statement. Watches are wearable at office, workplace, home, during travel….

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Business Meeting

9 Ways To Have Effective Meetings [Infographic]

Ways To Make Sure You Have Effective Meetings

“What a waste of time”. You’ll have heard it before or will have probably even said it yourself at some point and you would not be the only person to think or….

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Google Plus RIP

Google Plus RIP [Infographic]

Will Google Plus Survive?

Once it was thought that Google Plus had no chance to succeed, because Facebook could already do what Google Plus promised to do, but what promise did Google Plus have that Facebook didn’t? Google Plus is not….

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Great Workplace Smile

Tips For Creating a Great Workplace [Infographic]

7 Tips For A Great Workplace

If your workplace reeks of unproductive politics and a corporate system that shames even the greediest people, you’re in big trouble. People should be kinder and a lot funnier to make the workplace become….

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Humanity Love Story

Love Timeline [Infographic]

I once met someone who was traveling the world. He carried around with him a book wherever he went. On the book cover was a big heart with the words, “Love”. When I asked him, “What’s in the book and….

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Old Man Up

One Life, Old Man

Each day is a blessing in disguise. Our lives pass before our eyes in the blink of an eye. Life seems like a long existence to a human being, but to the universe, it hardly registers on any measurable scale….

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The Obsolete Man

The Obsolete Man

A Look into the Value of Humanity and Mankind

Imagine a world run by a totalitarian state, a world where dictators have the power to end life as they please, to determine how the world runs, what jobs are important,….

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Child Career Occupations

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? [Infographic]

So what do you want to be when you grow up? This is a common question asked when you are a kid. Often still asked after you’re all grown up. Every kid has a dream. Almost every kid wants to….

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Follow your Passion

Are you Passionate about Work? [Infographic]

There are plenty of people who grow up, asked what they want to be, and most of them have a dream job in mind. The majority, however, rarely ever accomplish those dreams, often acquiring minimum wage or low-wage jobs, or….

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