London Grand Prix [Infographic]

Motorsport Events in London

London F1 Motorsports

There are lot of talks these days regarding London Grand Prix. And the thought is still lurking whether this motorsport event will occur or not.

With few days remaining, there is certainly a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to organize this event but the hurdle remains in forms of environment protection and commercial as well.  There … Read more

Is A Public Speaking Course Worth It?

Could a Public Speaking Course Be A Worthwhile Investment for You?

Before Public Speaking

At home, at work, at the shops, we all speak out loud on a daily basis. Whether we’re lecturing our children, chatting with friends, or engaged in small talk with neighbours, overall, we’re pretty comfortable with casual verbal communication. Yet, once we step behind a podium or face an … Read more

Why Succession Planning Matters [Infographic]

Importance of Succession Planning

Chess Succession Planning

As you may know, Disney is currently in a complex succession situation as future CEO, Tom Staggs, stepped down, a move that now has the multi-billion-dollar company scrambling to find an executive ready to lead when current CEO, Robert Iger, retires in 2 years.

Disney is not unique in having this problem, as in the past … Read more

Why I’ve Brought the Public Relations Industry Mobile

If there is something my fifteen years in public relations and nearly a decade in journalism taught me, it’s that every industry reaches a threshold of productivity before it’s time to embrace a new change. People are finding quicker methods for communicating and sharing information. What was once said with a page was then articulated with a paragraph; then a … Read more

Eight Tips To Become An Impressive Public Speaker

Eight Top Tips To Turn You Into An Impressive Public Speaker

Public Speaking Podium

It’s one of the most common human fears; it has been unanimously voted as one of the biggest fears of all time, up there with flying, but public speaking doesn’t need to scary. If you’ve got a big work presentation coming up, or are giving talks at corporate events, … Read more

Data Never Sleeps [Infographic]

Data is Everywhere

Best Concept of Global Business

Public data or private data, data is everywhere. Data is constantly being generated every second of everyday. Data is a constant flow on the Internet happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, forever and ever for as long as the Internet exists. Businesses never sleep and the world is on a … Read more

The State of Law School [Infographic]

Entering Law School

Judicial Law

The progression seems simple: excel at your undergraduate studies, apply to several prestigious law schools, earn good grades, and pass the bar. After that, you’ll be compensated with a high-paying (and debt-relieving) job at the law firm of your choice, where you’ll ride the fast track to partner.

Unfortunately, research shows that this path may no longer … Read more

Basics of Minimum Wage [Infographic]

Minimum Wage Affects On Economy

Raise Minimum Wage

As you may know, income inequality has become a critical problem that politicians have brought widely into public debate due to the the top 3% now possessing over half of all wealth. Cities have attempted to resolve this issue by implementing a $15 minimum wage, but division exists amongst the public as to whether such … Read more

Avoid Facebook This Week [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Avoid Facebook

Facebook Website

Facebook is one of the best social media tools around and is very popular amongst many people of all ages. It allows you to connect with your friends, keep in touch with your past, and stay up to date with current events, not just in your friend’s lives, but allows you to share your … Read more

Wrongfully Dismissed? When to Fight It and When to Move On

If you’ve recently been fired from a job, odds are your stress level has peaked and your emotions are a little raw. If you think you were let go for unfair reasons you may be considering a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Don’t let your emotions lead you into a rash lawsuit; instead, ask yourself the following questions to decide whether you … Read more