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Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

The Anatomy Of A Successful Entrepreneur [Infographic]

Success of an Entrepreneur

One of the most proven ways of getting young and talented people interested in particular industries is having successful figures to aspire to. This is, of course, why we often read so much about the successful….

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Sewing Machine Craft

How to Earn a Great Living from the Craft of Sewing

Sewing For Money

Image source: Pixabay Everyone dreams of loving their job, but many people eventually resign themselves to a career they can tolerate and save their passions for their free time. Some entrepreneurs, though, find….

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Internal Communications

Internal Communications: Measurement & Strategy [Infographic]

Using Strategy And Measurement To Break The Barriers To Internal Communication

Effective employee communication matters. It matters to your employees, it matters to your managers and it matters to your shareholders. Research conducted by the HayGroup showed companies with engaged….

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Alt Investments 1

Alternative Investments Are The Coming Age

Investments Potted Much Like Stocks and Shares

Ever since we stepped into the 21st century and modern age of finance and trade, we’ve dealt with a lot of changes. Whether it’s the stock trade or every-day financial management, technological advancements….

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Real Estate Investing Cash 1

Real Estate Investing: Lack of Cash Flow

Real Estate: Don’t Let Your Lack of Cash Stop You From Investing

Investing in real estate has always been seen as one of the best ways of creating a decent passive income. The housing market has its ups and downs….

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Alternative Investments 3

Better Investing: Alternative Investments

Investing in Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are investment products that don’t include traditional investment like cash, stocks and bonds. The majority of these assets belong to accredited, high net worth individuals or institutional investors. Several of the most common strategies….

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Real Estate Property Home 1

Common Mistakes Property Investors Make

What Are The Common Mistakes Property Investors Make?

Investing in property can be extremely profitable, and for many people this form of investment can provide a solid source of income. However, to maximize profits you must buy property with great….

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Home Property Investment

Things That Lead To The Best Property Investments

Hard Work, Research, And Read Up

If you want to invest in real estate, you must know that your earnings will be based on the risks you’re willing to take. Not many people would agree that the industry is solid….

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India School System

What Is Wrong With Indian Education System?

Our Education System Is Only Focused On Exams. Knowledge Is Not A Priority!

The general education system is focused only on examinations rather than training students for the future and really testing their knowledge. Because of this, students are forced to….

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Color Emotion Marketing

The Power of Color and Emotion [Infographic]

Color and Emotion for Effective Marketing and Branding

There are billions of dollars that go into advertising each year. Every major company has a whole team of consumer psychologists to research the behavior and purchasing habits of consumers in order….

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