How to Use Digital Learning Platforms for IIT JEE Preparation [Infographic]

Using Digital Learning Platforms

IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE entrance exam is toughest entrance exam to get admission in various IIT in India.  Every year many students around 5-10 lac are appear in this exam. Maximum students are join reputed coaching institute in India, such as Motion, Allen, Resonance and others. Coaching institute are very helpful for students to get success in entrance … Read more

Ways To Prospect More Effectively [Infographic]

Marketing Your Business

Sales Prospecting

With the increasing competition in the market, as well as the changing preferences and attitude of consumers these days, business owners, marketers, and salespeople must work altogether and take on a proactive approach in order to ensure new clients for the business. For businesses that heavily rely on its sales, this starts with an effective sales prospecting.… Read more

Anatomy of a Perfect Job Hunter’s LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

Making Your Perfect LinkedIn Profile

Linkedin Lead

There is no questioning the fact that social media has, in one way or another, entirely changed our daily lives.

Before social media, keeping in touch with friends and family who were scattered around the world was much more difficult. Now we can keep them as up to date with our lives as those who … Read more

Work Productivity [Infographic]

Productivity at Workplace

Boost Work Productivity

Getting things done at work gives a real sense of achievement plus it means that you are closer to completing a given task which ensures progress. The problem is that with so many distractions around us today, it is getting more and more difficult to stay focussed. We are living in a world that is becoming dominated … Read more

Selfie-Gif Applications For Android and iOS

If you are as crazy as me about pictures, videos, images and animations, than please don’t stop here. It is time that I bring you into a world fire for every photo-crazy person out there. The world of the selfie-gif!

Yes, you heard me right! They have finally integrated two of the most trending visual content items on social media: … Read more

101 Companies Using Social Media [Ebook]

Is your company using Social Media effectively?

Chances are that if your company is not utilizing Social Media Networking and Marketing tools, you are losing a lot of business and potential customers. If you are losing business and potential customers, that means that some other company is gaining them and their loyalty. If you are a company that is still … Read more

Using Social Media to Get a Job [Infographic]

At one time, Social Media was unacceptable, especially at work. When in the home, it was considered a waste of time, with most people using it to share photos of family and friends, and sometimes unnecessary obscene social events, post random things, or keep in touch with friends with no additional value. With time grew the value of all Social … Read more

Dos and Don’ts to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

Social media can boost your business. Or, it can ruin it. Either way, it’s a powerful tool in today’s fast paced world. And no business can ignore its importance. You cannot miss to be out there. After all, that is where your customers are.

Before you enter the realm of social media, make sure you know the dos and don’ts … Read more

How To Track Sales Leads In Social Media

How Social Media Track Sales Leads

How To Track Sales Leads In Social MediaIn these contemporary times, social media has developed an increasingly prevalent presence in the online world. While some individuals make use of social media platforms for personal purposes, more and more businesses have begun using them to market their products and services. In the process of doing so, it is important that these businesses … Read more

The Forecast for Programming Careers

Every career has its moment in the sun, but programming is remaining one that seems to have forgotten that night must fall. The most recent evaluation and projections from the Department of Labor and Statistics gave a programming career 7.5 out of 10 stars in rating its growth outlook. The jobs are plentiful, the salaries remain good and it looks … Read more