Why Your Business Needs A Toll-Free Number

Toll-Free Numbers Are Not Dead Yet

Toll-Free vs. Local Phone Number

Screenshot from ForeverBetterGolf.com

Looking at the website above, which phone number looks more appealing to you? Is it the local number from Florida or the toll-free number? There are a number of reasons for choosing one or the other, although there are also many companies that have opted to use both a toll-free number … Read more

Introducing: Call Me Private [Infographic]

Maintain Your Privacy With A Virtual Number

Call Me Private

With each passing day, it seems that our phone numbers no longer belong to us. And considering that once you get your monthly bill of usually no less than $40 a month, more commonly around $80 – $200 a month for many people, exactly what are we paying for when it comes to … Read more

Top Reasons Why Business Needs To Archive Text Messages [Infographic]

Archive Messages For Text-Based Evidence and Safety

Archive Message

Businesses nowadays – whether they are small ventures or big enterprises – should consider an important feature that they need to implement soon: a text message archiver. It may be a bit of a stretch to think that this tool can be highly important and useful for your business, but trust us when … Read more

How To Notice A Scam Email

Avoid Getting Scammed Through Emails

Infected Emails

Email is probably one of the greatest inventions of the century, allowing us to send messages to people from around the world in seconds to minutes, and receive a response time within just a few minutes. It allows us to keep in touch with friends and family, expand our businesses worldwide, and buy online without … Read more

Texting Hashtag X

The Importance of Texting #X

The majority of people nowadays send text messages left and right, to friends, family, and spend a majority of their time on the phone texting more than they do talking, playing games, or doing anything else on their phones. Most of these texts can range from non-important conversations to important conversations. Texting is probably the … Read more

50 Apps For Tracking Everything [Infographic]

Tracking Your Life With Apps

Phone Apps

Mobile phones have become absolutely integral in the lives of millions of people around the world. One of the chief reasons for this is the endless array of apps that are available to help people communicate, for entertainment and even to track various elements of your life.

These so called life-tracker apps are becoming increasingly … Read more

6 Best Branded Alarm Clocks You Should Use [Infographic]

Quality Branded Alarm Clocks

Acctim Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are the essential part of daily routine. They help everyone to get up early in the morning or at right time. Not every alarm clock is good because most of the clocks irritate us in the morning because of a bad alarm sound. In a sense, they are doing exactly what they were designed … Read more

Laptop Recycling [Infographic]

Don’t Throw That Laptop Away, Recycle It

Recycle Laptops

Recycling your old laptop, computer and electronics gadgets is the best step towards decreasing the amount of E-waste from environment. Everyone has to be aware regarding the fact that recycling of plastics and IT products cleans the environment and reduce the harmful toxics emitted from the wastes. Most of electronic gadgets like laptop, … Read more

Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat! [Infographic]

Everyday Dirty Objects

Phone While On Toilet

We are all (hopefully) aware that toilet seats get dirty, and that is exactly why we all (again, hopefully) clean them frequently, but there are many items that we use every single day that we never really think to clean. We never consider just how dirty they can get. Take your mobile phone for example. You probably … Read more

A Tech-Free Holiday Survival Guide [Infographic]

Remain Tech-Free On Holiday

Are you glued your gadgets and feel as if they’re weighing you down? Does the thought of not checking your Instagram account for more than a day fill you with fear? What about leaving the house without your phone – does that make you feel like you’re missing a limb?

If you relate to any of … Read more