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Business man with binoculars spying on competitors

Ways Competition Makes Your Business Stronger [Infographic]

Love The Competition For Your Business!

Do you believe that competition does more good than harm in today’s business context? While this may sound like a contradiction when past and conservative business conditions are taken into consideration, it may not….

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Celebrity Britney Spears Research

Should I Do My Homework? Ask Celebrities! [Infographic]

Celebrities On Doing Homework

Do you think that exceptional performance at school is the key to your success in life? Then you should take a minute to look at our infographic. You will be surprised to learn that many celebrities….

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Petrol v Diesel

Petrol vs. Diesel [Infographic]

Which Fuel To Use: Diesel or Petrol?

A car’s type of fuel is one of the most basic factors that you must consider before purchasing a car. This lies with the fact that different types of gas have varying price….

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Homework Parents

5 Ways You Can Help Your Children Succeed At School

How To Help Your Children Be Successful At School

Parents are the first teacher of every child. When parents are involved in the child’s education, the children feel good about going to school. According to studies, family’s atmosphere plays a significant….

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Depressed Worker

Coping with Work Depression the Natural Way [Infographic]

Getting Rid of Work Depression

Have you ever felt sad or exhausted at work? If so, you might know what the work depression is. People who are depressed at work have poor concentration, reduced working performance, and a lack of….

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Food Packages

Future of Food Packaging [Infographic]

Packaging Food for the Future

The food packaging industry includes a wide range of sectors including packaging material and packaging alternatives. Fiber based materials including carton, liquid carton and corrugated contribute 31% of the total global packaging market. Food packaging….

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Energy Consumption in Europe [Infographic]

Energy Consumption and Reduction in Europe

Reducing energy consumption and lowering wastage remains a key European objective. This infographic indicates how energy is being consumed in homes across Europe, and the steps which can be taken to lower consumption and….

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Dismissal From Work

Dismissing Employees in Ireland [Infographic]

The Procedures to Follow and the Pitfalls to Avoid

Employers need to be careful whenever they intend to dismiss an employee in Ireland. There are a number of procedures that they need to adhere to. This detailed infographic created by….

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Security Guard Yellow Jacket

Event Security Officer

Unless you haven’t left home in the last 30 years, chances are that you’ve seen an Event Security Officer at some concert, sport, conference, trade-show, etc. The bright yellow jackets are hard to miss; that’s the point. You’ll find us….

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Michels and Taylor on Brand Management [Interview]

Interview with Peter Hales, Managing Director, on Brand Management

How do you establish your brand personality? Should you base your brand on the hotel style or vice versa? Whether you are creating a new brand or refreshing an old one,….

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