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Company Spotlight: Confessions of the Professions

Featured Company: Confessions of the Professions

What is Confessions of the Professions? Confessions of the Professions is a website dedicated to understanding life in the workplace, jobs, and careers. We all go to work everyday, spend at least, if not more,….

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Florida Keys Community College Nursing

What They Don’t Teach You in Nursing School [Infographic]

What You Didn’t Learn In Nursing School

Most people become interested in nursing, not for the money, as most nurses soon discover how underpaid they really are, for the amount of work that is actually required of them, but because….

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Shoe Fetish

Embrace Your Shoe Fetish [Infographic]

An Infographic for Shoe Obsession

This infographic shows how people with a passion for shoes have incorporated them their homes, with a range of gorgeous shoe-stylised furniture and home accessories. Furniture designers have used shoe-forms to make incredible looking pieces….

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Passion Intimacy

Improve Your Sex Life Today [Infographic] ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

Make Your Sex Life Better

If you’re in a long-term relationship then the initial can’t-keep-your-hands-off-each-other honeymoon period is probably a distant memory. During those early stages of a relationship your levels of dopamine and serotonin are off the scale as….

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Hundred Dollar Bills

Four Things More Important Than Money

More Valuable Than Money

When we are young, energetic and just out of college, we see a lot of people around us getting rich and spending on having the most luxurious or lavish lifestyles. We also often see in the….

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Billion Dollars

Traits of Self-Made Billionaires [Infographic]

Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

Do you have what it takes to become a self-made billionaire? That’s the question posed by this infographic from the Brighton School of Business and Management which examines some of the….

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You're Fired

Fired or Laid Off From Your Job?

Getting Fired or Laid Off From Your Job

Just got fired or laid off from your job? Well, do not worry because you aren’t the first and only one who has been through this ordeal. This will occur particularly if….

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Write Better

8 Uncommon Habits To Be A More Professional Writer

Habits To Make You A More Professional Writer

We may all write the same content and even the same topic but what separates us from others is the approach we use to convey that message. What makes a writer good….

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Professional Blogger

Boy Turned Blogger [Interview]

I am always fascinated by what people do for work, what works for them, ways they have found to make money and make a living. Some people are stuck in dead end jobs, while others find their passion and learn….

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Employee Incentives Motivation

In Search Of What Motivates Employees [Infographic]

Are We Slackers?

There are three kinds of employees: Engaged, Not Engaged, and Disengaged. Which type of employee are you? There are plenty of jobs that make employees want to be engaged and actually feel engaged. These employees are passionate….

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