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Stroke Against Time

Early Stroke Identification and Treatment With Interventional Radiology [Infographic]

Stroke Awareness Month

As you may know, May is Stroke Awareness Month, serving to raise awareness about the warning signs of stroke, symptoms of a stroke, stoke prevention, and the impact of stroke on survivors, families and caregivers. It is….

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The Great State of Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!

Colorado. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful rivers. Beautiful lakes. Beautiful environment. Beautiful nature. Beautiful people. Beautiful everything. Great for everything. Whether you live in Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Colorado, there is something for you to do, whether in….

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Kids Affected By Divorce

Talking To Your Children About Divorce [Infographic]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved, especially children. It’s a time in their life when their world is changing, and usually they have no idea why. It….

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Empty Desk

Death of a Co-Worker

Dealing with Sudden Death of a Co-Worker

When it comes to most days at work, no news is usually good news, unless you are getting a raise or a bonus. I came in to work, on a Friday, at my….

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Insight Into Autism

Importance of Early Autism Intervention [Infographic]

Importance of Early Intervention for Children with Autism

It is widely known that our formative years are some of our most important ones developmentally. A child’s early years are when he or she learns basic cognitive functions as well as….

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Best Friends Grayscale

The Loss Of A Best Friend

You would know the hidden realm where all souls dwell. The journey’s way lies through death’s misty fell. Within this timeless passage a guiding light does dance, Lost from conscious memory, but visible in trance. -Michael Newton, Journey of Souls….

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Robin Williams

The Death of Robin Williams

Every life is sacred and there are some celebrities that we may or may not like. Celebrities may die and the majority of us would not give it a second thought, other than the glances we see in the newspaper,….

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Mother: The Ultimate Job [Infographic]

A Mother Is Always At Work

There are two types of mothers in the world: Those who stay at home and take care of their kids, and those who go to work, then come home, and take care of their….

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Central Quest

Confessions of a Love Guru [Interview]

Finding love presents a great challenge for most of us and with it comes a lot of pain and heartbreak. Putting yourself out there is one of the hardest things anyone can do.  Sometimes you will meet great success, but….

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Merry Christmas Baby

A Christmas Memory for a Lifetime

“Oh boy!” she exclaimed. “I’m not going to miss this for the world!” Even the caption of the Carol alone was so inviting. She had missed it the previous year while she was in nursing school. Tracy was a young….

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