LinkedIn Payscale: How Do Popular Tech Jobs Compare? [Infographic]

Tech Jobs Comparison Payscale

Software Engineer

We all know tech jobs offer the big bucks, but do you know just how much salary they pay? What about at the start, middle and the end of their careers?

We’ve worked with eCard Shack to reveal the top paying tech jobs and their benchmark salaries across their career using LinkedIn data.

Check out the … Read more

Unpaid Internships Hurt Your Business

Unpaid Internships Limit Creativity and Skills

Intern Experience

In a previous confession, we discussed the fact that there are still students who do turn to unpaid internships for experience, while companies tend to exploit their labor. There is a term that is all too familiar and too true for anyone who has paid for anything in their life: You get what you … Read more

Sick Leave Across Europe [Infographic]

Sick Pay Across Europe

Sick Mom Bed Cold Mother

New research has revealed the true extent to which conditions for sick leave pay across Europe vary wildly between nations.

Multiple data sets were dug up by UK company Vouchercloud, which show there’s no universal standard for rates of sick leave pay, and that countries usually thought of as the most developed in Europe, often pay … Read more

5 Tips To Make Sure You’re Paid For Overtime

Money CashIf you are an hourly employee, overtime is an important part of your income. Your employer is legally obligated to provide you with overtime pay if you meet the requirements.

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires overtime to be paid at a rate of one and one-half times an employee’s regular rate of pay after 40 hours of work in … Read more

What Women Want At Work [Infographic]

Around the world, women are entering into the workforce at an aggressive rate. Women are getting educated, returning back to school after having raised a family, or even entering school with their children. The desire to be successful does not just lie in being a mother who has raised her children successfully, but also succeeding in a career as well. … Read more

How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

Negotiating when it comes to an increase in pay is not only important now; it will be in the future too. Learn the art of negotiating an increase in your salary with ‘How to negotiate a pay rise’.

Know your worth

If you are looking to negotiate an increase in your salary, you need to first know how much you … Read more

Work State of Mind [Infographic]

Work is not a place, it is a state of mind.

When you go to work, work is work. You acquire all the problems that your company has been facing and is currently facing. You attempt to solve problems and come up with solutions. Your company expects you to be completely focused on your job. That is, after all, what … Read more

The Unsympathetic McDonalds Corporation

I worked at McDonalds for a month. I took the low pay for what it was because I needed income to raise my daughter, no matter how low the profit would be.

It went fairly well as time went on. I made coffee, ran the drive thru, and eventually worked my way into the kitchen area. Several people had quit … Read more

Third Day on the Job

The day dawned bright and early, it was my third day as an intern in the power holding company of the Okota branch in Nigera, and I was feeling a bit under the weather. Getting the internship off to a good start had been quite a struggle. One full week of submitting letters, photocopying credentials, and then having to be … Read more