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Pokemon Go Paras

Pokémon Go Health Benefits [Infographic]

Get up, Get Moving, Get Healthy – Catch them all!

Parents all over the world have been trying for years to coax their children to stop playing video games and go outside for some fresh air and physical activity. And….

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Co-Workers Eating Together

Have Lunch With a Different Person At Work [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Have Lunch With a Different Co-Worker Everyday

How long have you worked with your co-workers? How well do you really know them? Did you know you probably spend more time with your co-workers than you do your own….

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Sleep at Work

7 Alternatives to Sleep At Work

Are you falling asleep at work? Try these 7 alternatives!

Kindergarten taught us all something that we seemed to have forgotten and should have taken advantage of when it was offered: Nap time should definitely be a requirement. In fact,….

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Company Events Outdoors Fun

Employee Involvement: Your Path to Success

Whether you work for a corporate office or small business, you have most likely recently received an invitation to attend a company event. You may have marked it on your calendar with good intentions, but deep down you know that….

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Homeless Man

Thoughts from a Homeless Guy

Thoughts from a Homeless Guy now that I’m back on my feet

I won’t ramble too much. Most stories are the same. I just want to tell you what I notice now that I’m stable. — Here’s me: At age….

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