Top 4 Tips for Starting A Real Estate Business As A Couple

Working Together In Real Estate

Man Woman Business

Living and working together in harmony is a dream many couples have, and that dream can easily come true. There are lots of things you can do professionally with your partner, and all you need is some careful planning, communication, and determination.

Today, we’re going to focus on the real estate business, and how you … Read more

What To Do If You Are Scared To Leave Your Dead-End Job

Stuck In A Dead Job? Read This!

Job Search

Are you stuck in a dead end job and do not know how to progress your career any further? It can be frustrating and even depressing being in a job that you feel is getting you nowhere. However, a lot of people are also scared to leave their job because of fear of … Read more

Disengaged Employees [Infographic]

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

Disengaged Employee

Do employers hire employees who are already disengaged or do the employees who were hired later become disengaged after working at the company for some time? Obviously, an employee is engaged enough to work on their cover letter, resume, and actually seek out a job pertaining to their interests, and put on some nice … Read more

3 Golden Strategies to Build a Successful Career

The Path To Building A Successful Career

Career Elements

Building a successful career is the surest sign of a successful life, as any person who claims to have a successful career is open to unlimited profitable opportunities throughout their life. As such, you should conduct lots of research and give it your best in building your career as you only have one … Read more

Confessions of a Freelance SEO Writer [Interview]

Interview With a Freelance SEO Writer

SEO Content Writer

The Internet is a vast information center, filled with endless things to do. With it comes great opportunity for just about anything you want to do, including pursuing a job, a career, or a lifestyle that allows you to make a living without ever stepping foot into a physical place called work. While I … Read more

Creating Your Professional Brand Online Using LinkedIn

Branding on Linkedin

Linkedin Profile Resume

LinkedIn is a good avenue to for a person who is looking to create a professional brand online. But with over 300 million users, mostly professionals and recruiters, it’s important that a person creates his brand in a way that it will be more noticeable.

Creating an online professional brand in LinkedIn that will be noticeable is

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How Networking Can Be Helpful To Your Professional Development

Networking for Professional Development

One buzzword that has dominated the recruitment space over the last few years like no other is networking. Every second article about career or job search mentions how networking has become the most important thing for a job seeker in the current age. But what is it that makes it so vital?

Those who consider networking … Read more

How To Be Successful [Infographic]

23 Keys To Your Success

Success Process

Perhaps, you met some smart and knowledgeable people who are struggling in life, instead of being successful and happy. Did you wonder why that happens?

Being smarter than most people around yourself can make you feel superior, and that feeling of superiority gives you the false sense of entitlement to success.

Success doesn’t come by Read more

Five Tips for Teen Entrepreneurs

Teenage Entrepreneurs

Teen Entrepreneurs

Your parents and teachers say it to you all the time: shoot for the stars. So why not apply that sentiment when it comes to getting an after-school job? Today, there are vast opportunities for young people to become involved in the market, even to start their own businesses. But where to start? Here are five tips for … Read more