Top 10 Lowest Paid Professions In The Healthcare Industry

Lowest Paid Professionals In Healthcare

Healthcare Industry

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When you think about working in the healthcare industry, you may think about a job with an excellent income and fabulous benefits. Doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and others are the most recognizable positions in this field, and they are often handsomely compensated for their education and expertise. While many healthcare workers regularly … Read more

The ICU Patient

The Dead Awake In ICU

Intensive Care Unit

I have been working as an intensive care unit nurse for a long time. Unfortunately, ICU is not a place for pleasantries or gatherings of good fortune, but rather a place where people are in intensive care, usually because they have experienced a life-threatening event from an illness, accident, or bodily harm caused by another. … Read more

Nurses Play Crucial Role In Preventative Health Services [Infographic]

Preventative Services in Health Care

Nurse Care Patient

Americans could save billions of dollars annually in health care costs per year if they would follow preventative health care practices. Nurses place a critical part in alerting and educating those in their care to these measures that can help them live healthier and happier lives.

Preventative services are often provided by nurses and do … Read more