Should You Outsource Your Data Entry? [Infographic]

Outsourcing Data Entry To Free Up Time

Data Entry Jobs

Businesses have to juggle multiple tasks and processes to keep their business up and running on a daily basis. While it has been a common practice to manage these tasks internally, many of these can actually be outsourced to an outside service provider in order to save time and money. These tasks include … Read more

Ways Competition Makes Your Business Stronger [Infographic]

Love The Competition For Your Business!

Business Plan Competition

Do you believe that competition does more good than harm in today’s business context? While this may sound like a contradiction when past and conservative business conditions are taken into consideration, it may not necessarily be so in recent years. In fact, many start-up companies and businesses in the past managed to survive competitive … Read more

Kiss My Ass, Mother Nature

T.Rex Period

When I met Aunt Flow 20 years ago, she showed up unannounced, unexpected and unwelcome on Christmas Eve. Mom, in her infinite wisdom, had bought a box of Kotex a year before in anticipation of her daughters becoming women. But my sister and I had dumped blue mouthwash on all of them to see if they’d work like they did … Read more

Temples of Chennai

Four Must-Visit Temples of Chennai

Iskcon Temple

Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, and one of the four most commercialized cities in India. Home to some highly revered and famous temples in India, the place is also a sought-after pilgrimage. Visit the city on your next vacation and spend a spiritually relaxing holiday.

Chennai is one of the fastest developing cities … Read more

How Well Do You Understand Insurance? [Quiz]

Insurance Quiz

Types of Insurance
Insurance is part of our day to day lives, whether it is home insurance, car insurance or health insurance, at some stage in their lives almost everyone will take out an insurance policy. How well do you actually understand insurance? This simple quiz, designed by Balcombes Claims Management, not only tests your knowledge, but provides some helpful … Read more

Mother is Special

Ask Not What Your Mother Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Mother

What You Can Do For Mother

Her heart is the very first thing we hear in our life. Her warmth is very first thing we feel. Her voice is the very first thing that comforts us. She is usually our first memory, the first thing we see, the first … Read more

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose an Acreage Home for Your Retirement

City life can be very stressful. If you are the type of person who wants to take a mellow lifestyle, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, pollution, and other stressful elements that the metro could offer, maybe it is high time to consider living in a more tranquil place like the countryside.

Transitioning from the city to … Read more

Tips On Returning To Work After Leave

Tips On Returning To Work After Leave: Desk

Image by jnyemb

Making the decision to return to work after a long absence due to illness can be a daunting prospect but fear not. With a positive attitude and these helpful tips you will soon be ready to get back to the workplace and make a brand new start.

Take It Slowly

Research has shown that failing to return … Read more

Add More Green To Your Life – The Importance Of Interior Plants


Add More Green To Your Life - The Importance Of Interior Plants

Image by: bfishadow

Moving from one building to the next, we spend most of our lives indoors. Although we might not notice the loss of connection to nature consciously, our body reacts to this hermetically-sealed lifestyle and becomes more susceptible to diseases and illness. Interior plants can be the first step to get a part of nature back into … Read more

Power Tools in Horror Films [Infographic]

Here we are in the thick of the fall season, and Halloween is right around the corner! Undoubtedly we are all enjoying the cooler weather and the fun activities it brings with it, including playing in the fall leaves, drinking apple cider and baking pumpkin pie. For some of us, this time of year also brings a strange desire to … Read more