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The Best European Capital Cities To Work

Best European Cities To Work

Broadly, there are two types of people; those who are content to work in their nation of birth and those who are willing to travel anywhere for a better life. In the current socioeconomic climate….

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Starbucks Coffee Shop

Which Country Has The Most Starbucks?

Countries With The Most Starbucks Per 1,000,000 Inhabitants

It’s fair to say that from time to time we all don’t feel at our most productive whilst at work. There are many reasons for this, but by far the most common….

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Indian Business

The Rise of Business In India

Contemporary India’s Changing Business Scenario

The rising startups and the legends of business co-existing in the Indian marketplace create severe competition that makes headlines across the globe. In the past decade, India’s business scene altered heavily with the penetration of….

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Expat World

Rise of the Expat-preneur [Infographic]

The Daring International Entrepreneur

Driven by a desire to switch the office for a laptop on a beach, to escape a humdrum home nation, or to relocate for a loved one, more and more of us are choosing to up….

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The Toll of a Consumer Nation

Consumer Nation: Buying Our Way To Happiness

It is clear that we live in a consumer nation, from Black Friday until Christmas, and even throughout the entire year, every year, most of us become mindless zealots who want everything from….

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War War Everywhere

War, War, Everywhere, and Not Enough Blood to Spill

War, war, everywhere. And not enough blood to spill. When will it ever end? It never will. How many bodies must die? How many tears must we cry? How much more do we need to buy? How much longer will….

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Intelligence Agents

Caught in the Right Foot

I was a guy who hailed from a orthodox family and was brought up in discipline and all kinds of mannerisms. From childhood I was injected with nation growth and patriotism. Due to all this kind of upbringing, I decided….

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