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Confessions Tagged "medical"

Stroke Against Time

Early Stroke Identification and Treatment With Interventional Radiology [Infographic]

Stroke Awareness Month

As you may know, May is Stroke Awareness Month, serving to raise awareness about the warning signs of stroke, symptoms of a stroke, stoke prevention, and the impact of stroke on survivors, families and caregivers. It is….

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The Great State of Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!

Colorado. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful rivers. Beautiful lakes. Beautiful environment. Beautiful nature. Beautiful people. Beautiful everything. Great for everything. Whether you live in Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Colorado, there is something for you to do, whether in….

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How to Become a Doctor [Infographic]

So You Want To Be A Doctor?

If you want to become a doctor, it’s important to know all the steps involved if you want to achieve your goal. Many people will want to become a doctor to save lives,….

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Four Jobs Where Humans Are Irreplaceable By Computers

Jobs Computers Cannot Do

The computer does all kinds of work today. From storing heaps of data in national databases to handling weather forecasts, we find computers in every sphere of life. Indeed, the computer has been man’s greatest friend….

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Nurse Patient Care

Nursing: A Changing Job Climate [Infographic]

Longer Life Expectancy, Greater Demand For Nursing Industry

Thanks to new medical breakthroughs, life expectancy is on the rise. From 2010 to 2050, officials expect a whopping 351 percent increase in the population of those 85 and older. By 2050, 16….

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10 Countries That Spend The Most On Healthcare

Top Healthcare Costs

In many countries, an incredible rise in health care expenditure has been noticed since 1980. It increased faster than the economic growth in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but due to recession in 2009, this rising….

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Busy Nurse

Hire More Nurses To Save On Costs [Infographic]

Health Care Providers Should Hire More Nurses To Save On Costs

Health care facilities, such as hospitals, need to streamline operational expenses, just like any other business. In a bid to minimize expenses, most administrators and managers hire a lean….

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Nursing Staff

Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and MD

What’s the Difference Between a Nurse Practitioner and an MD?

Once upon a time — and not so long ago — the difference between a doctor and a nurse was clear. Doctors and nurses each wore their own unique uniforms….

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Science Medical Field Employee

Anatomy of the Perfect STEM Temp [Infographic]

The Perfect STEM Workers

If you are in the business of supplying temps it’s heartening to know that the industry’s revenue is growing an average of 10% each month year on year. What would be even better to understand, though,….

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Background Check

Catching Trend of Background Verifications in the Corporate World!

A recent study suggests that more than 80% of the candidates all over the world lie on their resume, especially when it comes to exaggerate the work experience, language skills, or even studies. This is the reason why background verifications….

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