The Great State of Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!


Colorado. Beautiful mountains. Beautiful rivers. Beautiful lakes. Beautiful environment. Beautiful nature. Beautiful people. Beautiful everything. Great for everything. Whether you live in Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western Colorado, there is something for you to do, whether in the city for work, or on a mountain for hiking or a nice long road for biking. Colorado is for … Read more

Struggling Success of a Comedian

Most young comedians struggle to make it and the majority of them fail. Many of them work part-time or full-time in regular jobs and start cracking jokes on the side, appearing in bars or comedy clubs that will have them. If you go back to the younger years of Larry The Cable Guy, also known as Daniel Lawrence Whitney, you … Read more

Thoughts from a Homeless Guy

Thoughts from a Homeless Guy now that I’m back on my feet

I won’t ramble too much. Most stories are the same. I just want to tell you what I notice now that I’m stable.

— Here’s me: At age 18 I was a drug mule and got busted on my first trip. My first time, but the amount (marijuana) … Read more

Confiscated Marijuana Overvalued

Sort of.

Cannabis intended for recreational consumption comes in several different grades ranging in price from $10 a pound for compressed bricks of seedy Mexican hemp flowers purchased near the source up to $3,500 a pound for manicured colas grown indoors by farmers who produce small crops. That same $3,500 pound can be sold to consumers for up to $25 … Read more

War With No Winner [Infographic]

The U.S. government has burned almost enough marijuana plants to get the atmosphere high. Americans have responded by increasing domestic production.

With drug addiction rising, it’s not surprising that more people are seeking information about treatment from Bow Creek rehab center reviews or any other similar resource.

A Huffington Post Graphic: War With No Winner

The United States is waging … Read more

Perspectives From A Grower And The Origin Of The Term 420

I managed to get an interview with a local Colorado grower to get his perspective on growing marijuana in the Rockies, and decided to share it with you all. So without further ado, let me share my little tale.

I am greeted at the door by a guy in his late 40’s, clean cut, respectable member of society. We will … Read more

A Convicted Felon

Today i am a free man able to write this confession. I am happy to be free. I am staying out of trouble, trying to do what is right. I went to prison for a few months and it felt like i was in there for years, wasting my life away, trying to get thru it. It’s not easy because … Read more

Manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken

I know I have no right to complain about my life or anything that happens. I am not rich and I really dont care. I have no desires, no ambitions, no purpose. But I got to make money and support a habit I love because I dont see anything wrong with it. I love smoking weed. I dont have a … Read more