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Confessions Tagged "loyalty"

Workplace Diversity

Building More Diverse Public Organizations and Businesses [Infographic]

The Importance of Building Diversity In the Workplace As Workplace Strategy

As you may know, Mckinsey & Company recently published a study that explained why companies should increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how it affects a company’s….

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Business Competition

Why Your Business Needs Competition

You Need Competition In Order To Succeed in Business

For some businesses, it would seem that being the end-all for all customer needs is ideal. What better way to make money than to have a monopoly where all customers must….

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Send Your Boss A Wake-Up Call

Tell Your Boss How You Feel While Remaining Anonymous

If you ever worked a day in your life, chances are, you have loved every job you have had, every boss you have had, and every co-worker that you have worked….

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Internal Communications

Internal Communications: Measurement & Strategy [Infographic]

Using Strategy And Measurement To Break The Barriers To Internal Communication

Effective employee communication matters. It matters to your employees, it matters to your managers and it matters to your shareholders. Research conducted by the HayGroup showed companies with engaged….

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Two Businessmen Hard At Work In The Office

Stay A Few Extra Minutes After Work [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Stay A Few Extra Minutes After Work

The normal workday is 8 to 8 ½ hours and usually can extend to 9 hours with an unpaid hour lunch break. For those of us who love our jobs, don’t….

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Customer Loyalty

Improve Your Customer Service to Improve Customer Loyalty

In order to increase brand loyalty it’s vital that you work on your customer service. Competition is so fierce online; your consumers will swap to a new brand if someone is able to provide a better service than you. Therefore….

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Getting Women to Buy: Better Insights to Transform your Marketing to Women [Ebook]

If the world did not have women, there would probably be no economy. For any company, in the grand scheme of things, it is always best to advertise and market to women. If your product is good, you will develop….

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Color Wheel

The Right Colors for Your Business [Infographic]

Many businesses today struggle as they try to compete for consumer attention amidst a virtual barrage of media advertising from their competitors. Choosing the right colors for your advertising, logo, and brand packaging can go a long way toward generating….

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New Employees

Cost of Keeping Employees vs. Hiring New Employees [Infographic]

A few decades ago, most companies saw their employees as an investment in the company, and the employee loyalty to the company was great. Employees had incentives to stay from being offered health care plans, bonuses, and pensions. Employees who….

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Business Assets Growing Roles

Being A Better Business Asset: Growing Within Your Role

Company man. There was a time when that wasn’t used negatively. And, though it could use a little political correctness (“company person,” perhaps?), it shouldn’t be today. Devotion to your work is something of which to be proud. In today’s….

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