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Hit on Someone

The Worst Places To Hit On Someone [Infographic]

Don’t Hit On Someone In These Places

There is a time and a place for everything. For those of us who happen to be single and looking, there are plenty of opportune places to find someone we may like, get….

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Group therapy session

‘How I Knew I’d Lost Control’: Recovering Addicts Share Their Stories

No two stories about embarking upon the journey to a sober life are exactly the same. Some addicts have that “a-ha!” moment where they realize the time has come to reach out for help. Still, others only see how lost….

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Lois Griffin Housewife

Housewife and Mother Resume

The Most Underrated Profession: Housewife and Mother

A mother’s job is not an easy one and we often take our mothers and our wives for granted in all that they do. We might think they are not doing as much….

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Couples in Love

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Love [Infographic]

A smile on your lips, a skip in your step—

Love kindles a fire in our hearts even while it smooths out our moods. And we’re not just waxing poetic. Scientific studies from Utah to Chicago suggest that lovers steps….

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Romantic Evening Dinner

Romantic Ideas You Can Do At Home [Infographic]

Enjoy a Romantic Evening At Home

Think outside the chocolate box this year and put a little thought into your Valentine’s Day treat with the help of our infographic. We have some wonderful suggestions on how you can show your….

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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day 2016 [Infographic]

Happy Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is very near so we, the team at I Got Crazy, thought of celebrating this most romantic day of the year in a special way with all. Do you know you….

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My First Kiss

Importance of the First Kiss [Infographic]

The First Kiss Is The Most Important Kiss

You have met the one, the one you have been waiting for your entire life. You feel as if you have known them all your life and you connect with them on….

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Boy and Girl Piggy Banks on Coin Heart

How Couples Divide Money [Infographic]

Division of Money Among Couples

When two people meet and fall in love, they may end up getting married. It usually starts off wonderful until they move in together, and the bills come in. Many years ago, most households were….

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Family Dinner

No Fighting With Family [Challenge]

Born Into Family Without a Choice

Life is pretty interesting when you think about it. If you are the typical believer in a soul, than every soul gets a human body, and is born into this life. It takes the….

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iPhone Apps Sex

Top Apps To Improve Sex Life [Infographic] ADULT CONTENT! MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!

Apps to Spice Up Your Sex Life

There are so many phone applications available nowadays, with many promising to improve some efficiency in your life or others providing some extra functionality that you didn’t have before. Internet use on smartphones….

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