Why Your Business Needs A Toll-Free Number

Toll-Free Numbers Are Not Dead Yet

Toll-Free vs. Local Phone Number

Screenshot from ForeverBetterGolf.com

Looking at the website above, which phone number looks more appealing to you? Is it the local number from Florida or the toll-free number? There are a number of reasons for choosing one or the other, although there are also many companies that have opted to use both a toll-free number … Read more

5 Unusual UK Foods Every Tourist Should Try [Infographic]

Foods You Should Try Abroad In The UK

Shepherds Pie

It’s an usual practice to taste special cuisine when you are traveling abroad. One would undoubtedly like to try ‘Margherita Pizza’ when in Italy or ‘Cassoulet’ when visiting France. However, it’s not the same with United Kingdom though. Nobody remembers ‘Scouse’ while planning their holidays in Liverpool. It certainly would not be … Read more

The Cost of Living by State [Interactive Infographic]

In this interactive infographic, the experts at Online-Accounting-Degrees.net decided to compare what residents of each state spend for things like homes, utilities, college tuition, income tax, gas, healthcare, car insurance and property tax. Looking to retire? Start a family? Or just tired of how much it costs to live in your state?  You may want to consider using this interactive … Read more