Dance for Fun. Learn it and Enjoy it!

Dance is all about tunes, grooves, moves, music, and fun. It is a feeling that makes you feel elated. Dancing is a great way for a child to get energetic and develop physical co-ordination skills, strength, focus, and concentration.

Dancing can be practiced in any occasion like parties, discos, weddings, and social gatherings or even when you are alone. It … Read more

Hiring a Motivational Speaker? Go for the Funny Guy

When the time comes to  host a business conference, meeting, or assembly and you’d like to kick it off with a keynote speaker, you’ve got a big task ahead of you. There are all kinds of motivational speakers out there, from Christian keynote speakers to motivational magicians. However, anyone who’s seen one can tell you that [clean, of course] comedians … Read more

A Waitress to Go

My first job ever was at a little family-owned restaurant next to a convenient store in a very small town in Virginia. We had all sorts of customers, from lake-visitors to college kids, but most often they were older country men. Me being the waitress and hostess, I was to take everyone’s orders while keeping a smile on my face.… Read more

Traveling Salesman: The Chicken That Wasn’t

I’m a traveling salesman; I sell replacement windows and permanent siding. Most of my appointments take me to far-away, remote (albeit not ‘exotic’) locations. And as a commissioned-only salesman, every opportunity to sit down with a potential client is an important one; I will do nearly ANYTHING to meet with a homeowner, and sometimes on very unusual terms.

One day … Read more