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Workspace Future

How the World of Work is Changing [Infographic]

The Ever-Changing Workplace

In ten years time, it is estimated that 60% of job titles will be previously unheard of. Such startling progress is just one symptom of a culture of change in the workplace: the past half-century has shown….

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Recycle Laptop

Laptop Recycling [Infographic]

Don’t Throw That Laptop Away, Recycle It

Recycling your old laptop, computer and electronics gadgets is the best step towards decreasing the amount of E-waste from environment. Everyone has to be aware regarding the fact that recycling of plastics and….

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Gadgets Technology

6 Must-Have Gadgets for Every Business Man and Woman

Every eligible business man and woman likes to look the part. Arriving at that all-important business conference with an engraved leather briefcase, a well cut suit and your monogrammed Symthson notebook makes you feel like a proper professional. But when….

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Tips For Ergonomic Working On Airplanes

When you board an airplane, the last thing you’re probably thinking about is office ergonomics. More likely, the bulk of your mental power is focused on a timely takeoff, or prying some elbow space away from your armrest-hogging neighbor. But….

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Hammer Comics

A Day in the Life of a Comic Creator

Wow, so how do I describe a day in my life? What is a typical day? Every day is different; I’m working on new things, talking to different people. That’s exactly why I work as a freelance artist and writer,….

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Jerking Off Masturbating At Work


I work for a software company doing technical support. I don’t mind my job. You do what you got to do to get a paycheck. That’s about it. I don’t hate my job, but it would probably be better if….

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Webcam Laptop Model


Before you make your judgments, know that I never intended to find myself here. It’s a big secret, what you’re about to read about. It’s a dirty secret. Embarrassing secret. Shameful secret. I have a BA in Anthropology, and am….

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