Confessions of the Professions Resolutions of 2018

“Who Am I? Where Am I Going? How Am I Going To Get There?” – Don Duran


It was a quote from a leadership program I attended in college that changed my life. Before those questions, I had no idea who I was, what I wanted to do, where I was going, or even how I was going to get … Read more

Top 10 Confession Highlights of 2017

The Best Confessions of 2017

2017 Countdown


Another year has gone by already! Where the heck did it go? Really, the years are just going by so fast. We are entering into our 5th year. We are still going strong thanks you all you readers and contributors! We appreciate you so much and without your support, none of this would be … Read more

Cities Worth Visiting For Their Airports [Infographic]

While Visiting These Cities, Check Out Their Airports

NYC Freedom Tower

There are many times where you may get a layover flight, and if it the delay is for many hours, there are times where you may want to head out of the airport for a chance to see and experience the city where the airport resides. There are other times, however, where … Read more

The Truth About Annoying Coworkers [Infographic]

The Annoyance of Annoying Co-Workers

Annoying Coworkers Working with co-workers has always come with its caveats. No matter how many jobs you have had in the past, no matter how many you will get in the future, there will always be at least one annoying co-worker. This co-worker usually comes with a very different personality. They may talk loudly all of the … Read more

Top Reasons Why Job Seekers Should Job Hunt in December

Hunting For A Job In December

Job Hunting

It is the end of the year, and the idea of Christmas, delicious cooked meals, and opening presents is on your mind. One of the last priorities in December is searching for a job. After all, you worked hard all year and needed a break.

We highly encourage you to take a few moments … Read more

How To Turn Your Love For Writing Into A Full-Time Job

Writing As A Full-Time Job

Writing For A Living

Everyone is endowed with at least a skill. And the earlier one makes this discovery, the better. In a world where everything has to be written down before being published, archived and consequently passed on to the next generation, literary skills parse have never outlived their significance. This means there are tons of things that … Read more

Barbells To Boardroom [Infographic]

Exercise In The Boardroom

Barbell Curls

With the holidays around the corner, finding a balance between working a full time job and fitting in exercise can be next to impossible. What are some of the ways you maintain an active lifestyle? Whether it’s something small like always having a water bottle on hand or doing in-office workouts, the littlest things can make … Read more

Teaching Your Child A Programming Language

Programming Languages: Path to Successful Careers for Children

Child Coder

In a previous confession, The Importance of Learning Programming Languages, I spoke about my own experience of having learned a programming language at a young age, and while it was never my intention to turn to making a living as a programmer, a coder, or a web designer, it surely came … Read more

Learning To Code By Language Comparison

Programming From Language Comparison

Honoring National Programmers Day

Grumpy Cat Patching Bugs Developer Meme

There are many different ways to learn new things, from simply listening to observing visually to remembering something. As your brain processes the information, you learn it, obtain it, and often times, upon repeating the process, you will learn it to the point where it becomes almost second nature to you. For … Read more

What To Do If You Are Scared To Leave Your Dead-End Job

Stuck In A Dead Job? Read This!

Job Search

Are you stuck in a dead end job and do not know how to progress your career any further? It can be frustrating and even depressing being in a job that you feel is getting you nowhere. However, a lot of people are also scared to leave their job because of fear of … Read more