Guide To Adoption [Infographic]

Adopting A Child


Being a parent and raising a child is a very responsible duty, because you are accountable to shape the character & future of an individual. Not just that you should be mentally & physically ready to nurture a child. It’s not an easy venture. We all think having a child and upbringing comes naturally. Yes, it does, … Read more

Impact Of Social Media On Hiring Or Firing Decisions

Using Social Media To Determine Whether To Hire Or Fire

Social Media Search

Social media is becoming more and more influential on how employers view candidates. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites are more often utilized to analyse a candidate’s profile. We’ve all made common mistakes while applying for positions. Did you ever consider your social media habits would be evaluated … Read more

How to Get Ready for a Job Interview in One Day

Quick Prep Interview Guide

Interview Byquist

Being a job seeker is difficult as you have worries about finding a job position that can satisfy your needs. Once your resume is sent to a potential employer, you start thinking about getting an invitation for an interview as it’s a good sign for getting a job. However, being invited for a job interview doesn’t … Read more

Confessions of a Freelance SEO Writer [Interview]

Interview With a Freelance SEO Writer

SEO Content Writer

The Internet is a vast information center, filled with endless things to do. With it comes great opportunity for just about anything you want to do, including pursuing a job, a career, or a lifestyle that allows you to make a living without ever stepping foot into a physical place called work. While I … Read more

7 Body Language Interview Mistakes [Infographic]

Body Mistakes During Your Interview

Body Language Posture

Now matter how hard you work towards getting the job for which you yearn, treat the interview stage as a mere formality and you are likely to sabotage your chances of making the grade. The interview process can be an absurd kind of trial to have when everything else is in place: a fifteen minute … Read more

Confessions of a Teacher and Athletic Coach [Interview]

Interview with a Teacher and Athletic Coach

Science Teacher

A few months ago, I was contacted by a gentleman who had to get his thoughts out.  What better place than on Confessions of the Professions? Any experience is an experience always worth sharing. I encouraged him to publish his articles on the website.  I really wanted to hear his story!

He … Read more

Are You Seeking To Ace Your Second Interview?

With These 6 Tips, You Can Interview Successfully!

Interview Question Approach

The second interview is usually the way forward for a high probability of getting hired. Initial interviews are basically some form of test-based assessment and after evaluating a number of candidates, employers filter the list of who to meet in person.

Second interviews can also be final interviews wherein the employer makes … Read more

25 Techniques To Help You Learn Faster [Infographic]

Techniques On How To Learn Quicker

Learning Channels

Starting a new job is an intimidating moment and a real test for the intellect. All that stuff you learned at college suddenly acquires a real world context that may be far removed from academic ideas. The elements you skimmed over to get through the job interview are really only going to get you … Read more

‘How I Knew I’d Lost Control’: Recovering Addicts Share Their Stories

In The Park

No two stories about embarking upon the journey to a sober life are exactly the same. Some addicts have that “a-ha!” moment where they realize the time has come to reach out for help. Still, others only see how lost they are when someone they love confronts them.

But there is one thing all of these stories have in common: … Read more

How to Beat Online Job Application Systems and Get Hired Faster

Get Hired Fast!

Man Desk Writing Notebook

In recent years, many companies, both large and small, have turned to automated programs to handle the recruitment process. This may seem a bit scary to some job seekers, since their applications are not reviewed by humans. But working with software designed to look for specific things in a job application means there are plenty of ways … Read more