Bathroom Trends for 2018 [Infographic]

2018 In The Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom
When you hear “trends”, you might first think of business or industry-related trends, fashion trends, technology trends – just about anything but bathroom trends. But this new year, it’s high time that you also upgrade this essential but often overlooked part of the house! Just like any other room you have under your roof, the bathroom … Read more

UK Pizza Market, Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

Pizza In The UK

Mushroom Pizza

Pizza is now the most popular food purchased in restaurants, 2nd most popular item bought in supermarkets for dinner, and the 4th most popular dinner item in fast food outlets. This is just a slice of the burgeoning pizza market.

Pizza is a standout amongst the popular foods in the world and common fast food in … Read more

Art as A Marketing Strategy For Hotels [Infographic]

Art And Hotels

Art In Hotel In Amsterdam

Artworks and artist are increasingly woven into the fabric marketing, not only for products aimed at the general consumers but also for service industry like hotels. Gone were the days when all that mattered for a hotel to achieve high ratings and prestige was excellent service and upholding the highest standards of staff, amenities and cuisine.

While … Read more

Brink of a Nursing Shortage [Infographic]

Lacking Of Nurses In The United States

Nursing Shortage

The clear benefit to having adequate nurse staffing levels is that it can reduce the number of patient deaths and help individuals get the best possible care. Nursing is the fifth largest occupation in the U.S. and provides Americans with vital healthcare services. With the rise of chronic diseases and the retirement of … Read more

Tech Writing Career – Raw, Unvarnished Truth

The Truth Of A Tech Writing Career

Technical Writing Classes

If you’re planning to embark on a technical writing career, then this post is for you. The tips provided below can help you jumpstart your career in this field.

When deciding to become a tech writer, you must first realize if this profession is for you. Keep in mind that the salary in Read more

Make Better Business Decisions [Infographic]

Perform a Detailed Financial Forecast

Sound Business Decisions

In terms of managing a business properly, there are a lot of factors to consider, many of those falling into a monetary category. These factors are essential in knowing where the business’ current standing is depending on what category is being evaluated. One of the best tools that a business can utilize to evaluate its … Read more

Historical Things To Know About Luxury Watches [Infographic]

The Luxury Accessory Watches

Historical Luxury Watch

A luxury watch is all about the qualities which makes it different from the ordinary watches. Everyone fond of luxury watches, as luxury watches are all about qualities that make it totally different from the ordinary watches. It’s not just about the looks or any other things but it is all about each and every aspects … Read more

Tips for Effective Travel Risk Management Implementation [Infographic]

Safe Traveling Tips

Young business man drawing an airplane routes on world map

Ensuring a safe, comfortable, and productive trip is crucial for many of today’s travelling employees and business leaders. With laws and regulations concerning Duty of Care becoming tighter than ever, and new travel risk emerging here and there, travel buyers and managers must take a proactive approach in in preparing all the travelling employees regularly.

While mitigating … Read more

Tips To Build Your Business Through Offline Marketing [Ebook]

25 Useful Tips For Offline Business Marketing

Marketing Plan

The marketing world has become inundated with a whole new vocabulary in recent years, as the rise of digital media has changed the landscape of the industry. With all the talk about “viral content” and “hashtags,” it can be easy for marketers to forget that traditional forms of marketing not only still exist, … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Office Etiquette For First Time Employees [Infographic]

Guide For Proper Office Etiquette

Rude Colleague Disturbing Meeting Talking Smartphone Rudeness Coworkers Upset Mad Impatience

Finishing school or university can be a pretty daunting prospect. While there’s no questioning the hard work you’ve put in up until this point, the world of everyday work is very different.

Regardless of the industry, starting an office job can feel pretty alien to begin with. For starters, it can be quite strange getting … Read more