Minimum Wage Map [Interactive Infographic]

Minimum Wage vs. Average Annual Income By Profession In The United States

As with most economically-driven arguments, the debate on an appropriate minimum wage has contrasting viewpoints at each end of the spectrum. Taking the employee’s perspective, cost of living is the most glaring factor, and housing cost is the bulk of that spend. According to the National Low Income … Read more

Add More Green To Your Life – The Importance Of Interior Plants


Add More Green To Your Life - The Importance Of Interior Plants

Image by: bfishadow

Moving from one building to the next, we spend most of our lives indoors. Although we might not notice the loss of connection to nature consciously, our body reacts to this hermetically-sealed lifestyle and becomes more susceptible to diseases and illness. Interior plants can be the first step to get a part of nature back into … Read more

How To Negotiate A Pay Rise

Negotiating when it comes to an increase in pay is not only important now; it will be in the future too. Learn the art of negotiating an increase in your salary with ‘How to negotiate a pay rise’.

Know your worth

If you are looking to negotiate an increase in your salary, you need to first know how much you … Read more

Money Matters: 6 Ways To Increase Your Personal Wealth

People don’t become rich by accident. Even if someone is fortunate enough to inherit their wealth from family, it requires diligence to maintain it and make it grow. If you are seeking to improve your wealth steadily and prepare for a comfortable future, follow these practical tips to start saving and investing!

Set a spending limit

Are you money conscious? … Read more