No Health Insurance, Free Legal Doctor Advice [Solution]

How To Get Free Legal Doctor Advice

Doctor Online Advice Tablet Medical Information

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you in the court of law. If you cannot afford a doctor, tough luck and better luck next time! Of course, there are Urgent Care places popping up all over the country, and although this has helped many, there are still many … Read more

Workplaces Nurses Love [Infographic]

There are two types of nurses: Those who love their jobs and those who don’t. If you’re studying and planning to work in nursing, because of the money, as I’ve heard from many nurses: This job isn’t for you! There are far better jobs that pay more and are less stressful! Go for it! Run! Run as fast as you … Read more

Sick Leave Across Europe [Infographic]

Sick Pay Across Europe

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New research has revealed the true extent to which conditions for sick leave pay across Europe vary wildly between nations.

Multiple data sets were dug up by UK company Vouchercloud, which show there’s no universal standard for rates of sick leave pay, and that countries usually thought of as the most developed in Europe, often pay … Read more

The ICU Patient

The Dead Awake In ICU

Intensive Care Unit

I have been working as an intensive care unit nurse for a long time. Unfortunately, ICU is not a place for pleasantries or gatherings of good fortune, but rather a place where people are in intensive care, usually because they have experienced a life-threatening event from an illness, accident, or bodily harm caused by another. … Read more

Yoga Benefits [Infographic]

Yoga is probably one of the most underrated exercises there is. People have heard about it. Most people don’t do it and have never done it in their life. Yoga is an exercise and a relaxing stretch for the body, mind, and the soul. The experience of yoga is one of exuberance and restorative energy. Anyone who experiences yoga will … Read more

Mother: The Ultimate Job [Infographic]

A Mother Is Always At Work

To Mom

There are two types of mothers in the world: Those who stay at home and take care of their kids, and those who go to work, then come home, and take care of their kids. Being a mother is the ultimate job, which can sometimes seem thankless, undervalued, and certainly never paid.  To everyone … Read more

Injuries and Illness in the Workplace [Infographic]

Every year, thousands of workers become ill or injured in the workplace. Whilst many of us don’t face the threat of fatal accidents or diseases on a daily basis, industrial and manufacturing workers do. The workers facing the biggest threat are those in construction, agriculture, waste and recycling. This is due to heavy machinery, repetitive lifting and exposure to chemicals … Read more

Legends in Celebrity Death

Death is an inevitable fact of life. It is a one-time occurrence for every living thing. Death is permanent and there is nothing anyone can do to undo it. Death is an experience that we all must face whether we want to or not. It is indifferent to every man, woman, child, and every living species on this planet. It … Read more

Tips On Returning To Work After Leave

Tips On Returning To Work After Leave: Desk

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Making the decision to return to work after a long absence due to illness can be a daunting prospect but fear not. With a positive attitude and these helpful tips you will soon be ready to get back to the workplace and make a brand new start.

Take It Slowly

Research has shown that failing to return … Read more

Add More Green To Your Life – The Importance Of Interior Plants


Add More Green To Your Life - The Importance Of Interior Plants

Image by: bfishadow

Moving from one building to the next, we spend most of our lives indoors. Although we might not notice the loss of connection to nature consciously, our body reacts to this hermetically-sealed lifestyle and becomes more susceptible to diseases and illness. Interior plants can be the first step to get a part of nature back into … Read more