Nuts For Your Dog [Infographic]

Think Twice Before Sharing Nuts With Your Dog

Dogs Nuts Chihuahua

In a previous confession about what dogs can eat, it showed the various foods that your dog can eat or should not eat. It always becomes habit that if you are eating, dogs have a tendency to stare at you. I bet as you are reading this right now, you are … Read more

Eat A Healthy Breakfast [Challenge]

Challenge of the Week: Eat a Healthy Breakfast To Make Your Day!

Breakfast Vegetable Omelette

It is cliché to say that you should eat a healthy breakfast, because breakfast is the most important meal of your day, but there is only truth to that statement. If you try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, than you probably are not eating before you sleep, … Read more

How To Have Good Smelling Breath At Work

Do you want to stop bad breath? Most people are faced with this dilemma especially if they have not corrected some dental or oral issues. At work, it is important to have good-smelling breath. It gives lasting impression on the individual’s grooming and hygiene.

Here are some of the tips to stop bad breath and prevent awkward moments when you … Read more

The Deli

When I was a much younger and more brazen gentleman, I worked in a deli for a chain grocery store, part-time. I had a daytime job that paid the bills, but the deli was a second job for extra pocket money for the weekend or dates. This particular store I worked at is on the fairly ritzy side of town, … Read more